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Our mission is to enlighten our patients, our community and virtually everyone in the world by creating health, happiness and purity in peoples every day lives. Life Source Chiropractic believes that each individual has the inborn ability to heal themselves by using their God-given potential. The actions we carry out to make that potential evident within each individual includes specific chiropractic adjustments, on-going wellness education and a commitment to excellence in our service. Our "Corrective Wellness Chiropractic Care" assists in the process of healing by reducing the strain or interference to the body's master control system, the nervous system. When your nervous system is functioning correctly, your bodily pain will simply disappear and your mind will become clear of nervous roadblocks.

We provide treatment for your whole family
At Life Source Chiropractic, we give your whole family complete care and we believe that spinal health maintenance should begin during childhood. By providing specialized care for problems presented in fast-growing children, like the curvature of the spine (scoliosis) or pigeon toeing, we make your life and the lives of your children happier. Often the "growing pains" that most children have are signs of joint alignment problems brought on by rapid or uneven growth. Showing your child that spinal maintenance is important early in their lives is going to yield a healthier lifestyle as they grow and as their bodies change. Life Source Chiropractic also provides complete and gentle relief from injuries that are common throughout the childhood years. Most importantly, we give you a prevention and maintenance plan for your child's spine so it grows strong and healthy. For more information about our youth treatment programs or to schedule a consultation appointment for yourself, call us today at 402-934-4220.

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Total Food Makeover--Transform Your Life from Dr. Jason Wiese on Vimeo.

Total Food Makeover--- Morning Blend from Dr. Jason Wiese on Vimeo.

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