In the business of being healthy…..

Everyone is in the business of being healthy, but the unfortunate thing is that most individuals don’t take action until they are faced with an illness or an injury. When this happens it affects not only the individual but also everyone that person is surrounded by, including their work. Loss of focus, energy, and time at work has major impacts on a business’s bottom line.

This program is designed to strengthen your bottom line. For every dollar spent by employers on health and wellness management programs, the ROI ranges from $1.49 to $4.91 in benefits (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). One case study (Koffman) even managed to yield as much as a $6 return over a 3-5 year period.

Our Corporate Wellness program is offered FREE of charge and we even provide lunch from subway.

How your business benefits:

  1. Lowers your health insurance costs
  2. Increases staff morale and employee productivity
  3. Reduces sickness and absenteeism

One of the major obstacles to a successful corporate/workplace wellness program is keeping everyone engaged and excited to participate. Our program is designed to provide easy-to-use principles that help them stay healthy and energetic for life.

What is our Corporate/Workplace Wellness Program?

Our definition of it: an organized, employer-sponsored program that is designed to support employees (and, sometimes, their families) as they adopt and sustain behaviors that reduce health risks, improve quality of life, enhance personal effectiveness, and benefit the organization’s bottom line.

Our core program is great to supplement to an existing program or to help someone start a wellness program from scratch. What we have found with some existing programs is they lack that “engaging factor” to lead people in easy-to-do steps. Most programs have great incentives but very little “coaching” or instruction. Our program is intended to solve this problem.

How it Works

Whether your business has 5 employees or 100+ employees, we try to find every way possible to make your events a success and work for your business.

Our doctor will help you organize and host four Core Workshops (one per quarter) to address key health areas. These workshops are designed to bring high energy to every event and keep everyone excited and involved. These workshops are key to supplying the information that can be implemented to create lasting changes in lifestyle.

Employees will have access to cutting edge information including a 30 day meal plan, 12 minute surge training workouts, top toxins to avoid for optimal health, and much more.

In addition to our Workshops being offered FREE of charge, we even bring in free lunch from Subway.

The Four Quarterly Workshops

  1. Nutrition
  2. Finess
  3. Weight loss (The Weight Loss Challenge)
  4. Toxicity

Most Workshops are hosted in a “Lunch and Learn” type setting. We can even provide a Subway sandwich lunch in many cases for free to your business. This is dependent on the setting and size of the business.

Advanced Resources:

Advanced resources are also available to further engage your Employees, keep the program fun and maximize results.

  • Advanced Workshops
  • Choose from additional workshops such as battling chronic disease and raising a healthy family.
  • Team Workouts
  • Shop with the Doc
  • Recipe Potluck lunch

The core program is designed to meet the needs of most businesses, but the program can be tailored to meet any specific needs you may have.

What people are saying about the Life Essentials Program:

“Dr. Wiese’s program was jam-packed full of diet and exercise tidbits. Dr. Wiese’s passion for wellness is refreshing & entertaining. His message really delivers on the attainability of a healthy lifestyle through small choices.”

Alicia & Corey Delaney
“I learned that health is really important. The most inspiring thing I learned at Life Essentials Workplace Wellness program was without health nothing else matters. I would tell everyone to listen to Dr. Wiese and the valuable information he has”

Pam Watkins
“Dr. Wiese was very enthusiastic about ensuring that we all reach perfect health. His approach doesn’t just heal the symptoms, but gets to the root of the cause. His presentation was quite inspirational.”

Diana Gleisberg
“We love having Dr. Wiese present at our company! He makes his seminars fun and entertaining, while being very informative. Our employees enjoy and look forward to attending his lunch and learn seminars. Dr. Wiese’s passion for helping people is evident and appreciated.

Dr. Wiese has presented on a multitude of topics on different occasions. In the beginning, Dr. Wiese met with our Wellness Committee to see what topics we thought our employees would find valuable. From the first meeting, Dr. Wiese helped create a series of seminars and planned them out over the year. His seminars have been based on the importance of nutrition, eating healthy food from the right sources, eliminating the wrong food choices, creating healthy meal plans, exercising and losing weight. We are looking forward to our next seminar about Cancer and Toxicity.

Dr. Wiese practices what he preaches. Some of the information is so important to know but at the same time not easy to hear, like the need to eliminate sugar and the reasons why. Each of his high energy seminars has a PowerPoint slide presentation with Dr. Wiese interjecting important examples and life lessons. Because he truly wants us to improve our health, you find yourself motivated from his vast knowledge and leave educated about how to improve your health.

Dr. Wiese also mentions upcoming seminars at his office being put on for the public to attend. His seminars have not included a “push” to use his Chiropractic office; however, he does tie in the importance of chiropractic to an individual’s health. Overall, we are very pleased with the informative seminars; the knowledge gleaned from them and steps of how to implement them in our own lives. We would definitively recommend him to any Company or Wellness Committee who is looking to improve their employees’ health.

We are lucky we connected with Dr. Wiese and are looking forward to future seminars!”
Danielle Green, Epsen Hillmer Graphics Co.