Life Source Chiropractic Life Essentials

Our mission at Life Source Chiropractic is to empower our patients. If we can understand what it will take to be healthy, then we can actually attain it. The human body was designed to heal. It doesn’t know anything else. The reason we become afflicted with certain degenerative diseases (disease that builds in our body without us knowing it) is because we have interfered with the healing property of our body. Life Source Life Essentials are focused on giving our body what it needs to facilitate healing from the inside out.


The Nerve System controls the function of every organ in the body. It is also what drives almost every process in the human body. Any interference to this control system will result in a loss of performance, function, and thus overall health. We live in a society where we are not doing what our bodies were designed to do. We were designed to be in motion but instead we sit and look down for long periods of time, we have poor posture, and bending/lifting techniques. This combined with any traumatic experiences in our life (including the birth process) can produce misalignments in the spine that have damaging effects on the nerves that exit the spinal column. This is called a subluxation. Nerves don’t just sense pain, but they also control the functions in the body. So when we have subluxation we are not functioning at 100% , thus lowering our health potential. Life Source Chiropractic is focused on not only removing subluxation, but also spinal correction. Restoring proper angles and curvature in the spine. We are not focused on curing an illness but removing the dysfunction and restoring the God given healing power of the body.


We were designed to be in motion. Motion is life, and we need to train our body to get and stay healthy. Oxygen is the key component to fitness. Our cells need oxygen to survive and thrive.

When we exercise the right way, then we can have a very positive affect on our metabolic and endocrine systems. Helping to stay fit, lose weight, and boost the immune system. Our fitness program is focused to get the most out of what you do in a short amount of time.


Our body needs quality nutrition to facilitate healing and supply us with the fuel we need to perform our daily activities. Food can be a great form of benefit, or it can be a powerful destructive tool to our body. Our body needs specific clean fuels at specific times. The research has shown that we cannot have a healthy existence living on processed foods that are high in preservatives, sugar, and additives. Some of us even have an immune system inflammatory response to the foods we eat.

We take a very simple but very effective approach to nutrition that is backed by the most cutting edge science. We start by putting clean foods in our bodies at the right times. We understand that nutrition is easy when we are empowered to do it right, and we make sure to coach you along the way. We give you the best nutritional tools and all you need to do is act. Unfortunately, action may be the hardest part of any healthy routine, and that is why we are here to help in this journey.

Decreased Toxicity

Toxicity is a very unavoidable reality in today’s society. Toxicity is also very harmful to our health as well. Our body was designed to heal and it is equipped to deal with and eliminate most toxicity, but the problem is that we are exposed to chemicals over and over again. We are not only finding harmful cancer causing and damaging chemicals in our air, water, and soil, but we are also finding them in breast milk, bloodstreams, and urine. These poisons are accumulating in our systems and creating a dysfunctional environment. This accumulation is creating a toxic burden, and even though we don’t see an immediate impact on our health today, it is certainly setting the stage for diagnosis tomorrow. One way to make sure that we can function at our optimum is to reduce the exposure to toxicity. Once you recognize where the toxins are coming from then we can then start to remove them from our everyday lives. Function is dependent upon no interference and reducing the interference in toxin levels is a cornerstone in future health. Life Source has a plan to help you reduce this exposure and help clean your system.