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Each year, car accidents cause harm to as many as three million Americans. These occurrences result in stress, pain, and lost productivity for both drivers and passengers. Many patients have come to see our chiropractor for car accident injuries who works to alleviate or eliminate pain, improve range of motion, and help people make informed decisions concerning their health. 

The following summary provides information about common car accident injuries and what we can do to help. It also offers some compelling reasons why you should come to Life Source Chiropractic after a car accident.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Differing vehicle sizes, weather conditions, and even positioning of the headrest can make car accidents very unpredictable. It can also have an impact on the type and severity of injuries that result from a collision. Additionally, the course of a patient’s recovery can depend on their level of health before the accident.

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One of the most frequent car accident injuries sustained is whiplash. This injury is the result of the violent back and forth motion of the head during impact. This causes neck ligaments, tendons, and muscles to stretch beyond their typical range of motion and become strained.

Car accidents can also result in traumatic brain injuries (TBI). This occurs when the brain strikes the interior of the skull from the forceful movement of the head during impact. After the initial impact, the head bounces back, causing additional damage to the brain on the opposite side.

Concussions and contusions are some examples of TBIs. Since the brain is affected, TBI patients can have a wide variety of symptoms. The following are some common TBI indicators:

  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Unusual fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Increased forgetfulness

Getting care following a car accident is crucial because the brain regulates essential life processes such as heart rate and breathing. If left untreated, even a slight brain injury can result in deteriorating cognitive issues. It can also cause coordination, balance, and movement complications.

Other typical injuries after a car accident include broken bones and damage to the arms, legs, and soft tissue. These wounds also illustrate the lasting effects a car accident can have on a person’s life. Even if these appear to be the only injuries present, we always advise our patients to be checked out after an accident just in case there are other unseen issues like TBI or whiplash.

Scar tissue development is another problem that is not always evident after an accident. This occurs as the tissues make an effort to heal without professional intervention. Scar tissue that originates too close to a misaligned spine can make it difficult for the spine to move properly which can lead to spinal degeneration.

How Can Chiropractic Help Car Accident Injuries

Comprehensive and research-supported solutions for car accident injuries are provided by our car accident chiropractor. Many patients visit Life Source Chiropractic for help with pain or range of motion issues, but what they don’t realize is that we can also help with scar tissue formation and inflammation.

Pain Relief

Most people are looking for pain relief from a car crash when they decide to search for a “car accident chiropractor near me.” Our auto accident chiropractor can reduce muscular tension and nerve compression by carefully realigning the spine. Neurotensin, oxytocin, and other pain relieving hormones are released by manual chiropractic adjustment. Our chiropractor also teaches patients about the importance of healthy lifestyle choices, which has been shown by research to enhance overall well-being.

Restored Range of Motion

The second priority for most patients is improving their range of motion. The spinal joints can be misaligned by car accidents causing inflammation and promoting the formation of scar tissue, which can reduce flexibility. Chiropractic care restores range of motion by realigning the spinal joints and reducing or eliminating the inflammation that causes scar tissue development.

Reduced Inflammation

Many patients visit Life Source Chiropractic to have their pain and reduced range of motion addressed, but resolving inflammation is just as important. Although inflammation is a normal part of the healing process, it can swiftly move into high gear, as in the case of an unresolved issue such as spinal misalignment. Reduced immunity, increased pain, and delayed recovery can result from excessive inflammation. However, inflammation and its consequences can be reduced by chiropractic adjustment.

Diminished Scar Tissue Production

Another natural result of a car accident is scar tissue. The body increases the production of collagen after a collision to generate scar tissue. This should be monitored and addressed by a licensed chiropractor because unresolved scar tissue can lead to chronic pain and stiffness.

Reasons to See Our Car Accident Chiropractor

Although there are many reasons to seek chiropractic therapy, some of the most frequent motives are connected to pain relief and quality of care. Following are a few of the many factors our patients consider when choosing our chiropractor for car accident injury treatment.

Fast Relief

Car accident pain can continue for months or even years. Our patients choose Life Source Chiropractic because they desire quick relief. We identify any underlying sources contributing to pain, and we address them immediately.

We take the same approach for mobility problems. We observe our patients while they are in action and then take the necessary steps to provide relief whether they are having trouble moving due to dizziness, stiffness, or other factors.

Relief That Lasts

Potent prescription painkillers only work for a few hours, and surgery, along with all its risks, may need to be performed more than once in order to maintain the intended results. Chiropractic care for car accidents involves guidance on making healthy lifestyle decisions such as focused exercise plans, customized nutrition, and improved social support. We not only center on relief from accident-related mobility or pain issues, we emphasize the importance of improving overall health.

Drug-Free and Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Many Life Source Chiropractic patients do not want to consume opioids or other pharmaceuticals. Some don’t want to feel dazed or have to limit driving or other activities, while others are reluctant to try them because they don’t want to become dependent on or addicted to them. Fortunately, we are able to offer those patients safe, effective care that provides pain relief without the use of drugs.

Many patients are also frightened by the prospect of surgery. Since the risk of infections and other complications is increased by surgery, we do our best to help our patients avoid it. Using chiropractic techniques to correct spinal misalignment provides pain relief and improved mobility.

We Handle The Details

A car accident injury is a traumatic experience that releases a flood of adrenaline, cortisol, and other powerful hormones. Because of this, many people do not recognize that they have been injured or even the extent of their injuries immediately following a car accident. Some injuries require medical diagnostic expertise and equipment, making it more challenging to identify them.

We conduct a thorough evaluation and order comprehensive scans for our patients following auto accidents. This gives us a detailed overview of any acquired injuries. Although state laws do vary, paperwork for car insurance companies should be completed as soon as possible after an accident. Luckily, our team is familiar with the information that insurance companies require in order to process any claims.

Since car accidents require living with pain, coping with limited mobility, and dealing with insurance companies, they are extremely stressful events. It is well known that stress is harmful to health, but many patients are astonished to learn that suffering from emotional anguish can impact the transition from short-term to chronic pain. This makes dealing with pain in a timely manner a priority.

Compassionate and Proactive Care for Car Accident Injuries

Who doesn’t consider themselves fortunate to have survived an accident? Nevertheless, it can be easy to overlook slight discomfort or mobility issues while considering how fortunate you are. For this reason, we urge you to seek car accident injury treatment whether or not you are in pain. Call Life Source Chiropractic today, and allow us to assist you in making the most of your rehabilitation from car accident injuries.