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Whiplash is a frequent injury we see at Life Source Chiropractic, and we are not alone. As many as three million Americans suffer from this type of injury every year, and of that number, one and a half million of them experience chronic pain as a result of whiplash. The following overview gives a brief explanation of this condition, its causes, symptoms, and the interventions our chiropractor for whiplash can offer.

What Is Whiplash?

A whiplash injury occurs when the head is forcibly thrust back and forth during a fall, car accident, or some other harmful impact. This swift, unexpected motion of the neck can injure its muscles and nerves as well as shift the spinal vertebrae out of alignment. Because the nerves that run throughout the body are protected by the spine, any misalignment can cause diminished sensation, reduced function, and widespread pain.

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Common Causes of Whiplash

Whiplash can occur with any type of impact that results in the violent forward and backward motion of the head, although it is most commonly associated with car accidents. Whiplash is also a prevalent sports injury and it can also be caused by a fall.

Symptoms of Whiplash

The severity of whiplash symptoms can vary, but some of the more common symptoms include:

  • Difficulty turning the head
  • Head, neck, shoulder, upper arm or back pain
  • Dizziness
  • “Pins and needles” or tingling sensations in the arms, hands, or fingers
  • Insomnia or fatigue
  • Depression
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Blurred vision

Neck Pain

Neck pain is the most common symptom that motivates patients to search for “whiplash treatment near me.” This is a result of the injury’s violent motion which damages muscles, joints, nerves, and discs causing severe pain and significantly limited mobility.

Shoulder Pain

Sometimes shoulder pain can be confused with head or neck pain by our patients at Life Source Chiropractic. Considering the amount of muscles it takes to move both of these body parts, this is no surprise. Because both the nerves and muscles are involved with movement, any problems between them can exacerbate pain and mobility issues. This type of injury commonly occurs from being rear-ended, but this can happen during a T-bone, or side impact, car accident as well. This kind of accident can throw the head from side to side causing muscle strains such as rotator cuff injuries.


Nearly as many people get headaches as suffer from shoulder and neck pain. While post-whiplash headache pain feels similar to any other headache, we advise anyone with headache pain following a car accident to get care immediately. Lingering damage of the muscles, nerves, and discs can result in chronic headaches if not addressed quickly.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can sometimes cause a headache following a car accident. The most common form of TBI following an accident is a concussion. This happens as a result of the brain violently striking the interior of the skull and can cause short or even long-term damage. Early symptoms of TBI can include dizziness, headache, vomiting, confusion, and difficulty concentrating.

We advise our patients to seek emergency care following a car accident considering TBI is a real possibility. We also advise them to visit Life Source Chiropractic without delay so whiplash treatment can begin immediately.

How Our Whiplash Chiropractor Can Help

People with this type of injury should always seek whiplash chiropractic treatment. In order to devise a care plan in a timely manner, we conduct an extensive assessment, including tests and scans, to help us identify any issues.

Chiropractic care focuses on maximizing nerve function by correcting any misalignment, or subluxation, of the spine making this an excellent choice for healing. Once the subluxation is corrected, the nerves can function as they are supposed to and can freely carry sensation and movement instructions between the brain and body.

Our whiplash chiropractor carefully analyzes our patients’ mobility, symptoms, and overall well-being before developing a customized care plan so that patients can get the results they are looking for. We utilize a variety of therapies including manual manipulation and personalized exercise programs.

Cervical Repetitive Traction

When patients come to Life Source Chiropractic for whiplash therapy, they don’t sit passively waiting to see the doctor. We have them complete various stretching and warm-up exercises in order to get ready for treatment. Cervical repetitive traction is a stretching exercise that works to hydrate the discs as well as expand disc height. This helps lay the groundwork for treatment that will have staying power.

The patient is in control of the gentle stretching of their neck during cervical repetitive traction. This technique helps to reduce neck pain while also restoring mobility by using a cycle of recurrent loading and unloading intervals on the cervical spine. This not only increases mobility and helps to reduce the pain brought on by whiplash, it also works to improve the natural curvature of the cervical spine.

Y-Strap Adjustments

Life Source Chiropractic uses the Y-strap adjustment which works to stretch the spine by gently pulling the head in the Y-axis of the body. This gentle pulling force allows the vertebral discs to decompress and also plays an important role in the appropriate restoration and function of the cervical portion of the spine after a whiplash injury.

The Y-strap technique begins with slow, smooth stretching; then a high velocity, low amplitude (HVLA) motion is applied. This is the point when the Y-strap administers an adjustment to the patient. HVLA produces quick decompression within the discs of the vertebrae, allowing nutrients to infiltrate them. It also alleviates neck pain, reduces stiffness, and increases blood flow to areas in the neck traumatized by whiplash.

Hands-On Approach

Our whiplash chiropractor most frequently performs spinal chiropractic adjustment. This technique deals directly with spinal subluxations that are accountable for pain, functional loss, and other issues related to whiplash. Chiropractic adjustment is used to correct spinal misalignment, relieve nerve compression, and restore proper function of the nerves.

Trigger point therapy is an additional type of hands-on chiropractic care. During this therapy, our chiropractor uses their fingers to press directly on precise locations in order to relax painful or tight muscles. For added relief, our chiropractor may also manually stretch the joints.

Vibration Therapy

Vibration therapy is a natural, non-invasive technique that can provide pain relief and promote healing. It can also help keep you out of surgery and away from potentially-addictive narcotics and other pharmaceuticals. Injuries and trauma caused by whiplash can result in adhesions that attach to soft tissue and can lead to pain, inflammation, reduced range of motion, and neuropathy. Life Source Chiropractic offers vibration therapy to help repair damaged soft tissues in the ligaments, muscles, and discs.

Vibration therapy utilizes low frequency vibration that works to relax tight muscles and restore function. This low-level vibration offers a safe, therapeutic technique for individuals experiencing both acute and chronic pain symptoms related to whiplash. This passive therapy technique uses mechanical force in order to stimulate blood flow to the parts of your body that require it for healing and restoration.

Individualized Exercise Plans

We want much more than relief from pain or improved muscle function for our patients, especially if they found Life Source Chiropractic by searching for a “whiplash chiropractor near me.” Excellent health is our top priority for each and every one of our patients. In our opinion, one of the best methods to enhance the physical, mental, and emotional wellness of our patients is through exercise.

While walking or going to the gym are both great ways to exercise, focused movement can accelerate recovery from whiplash. We evaluate our patients’ mobility, stamina, and balance before devising a therapeutic exercise program. We also inquire about their goals, preferences, and how much time they can devote to exercising. We fully customize each exercise plan to suit our patient’s wants, needs, and physical health. We regularly reassess and modify their plans to meet new objectives.

Comprehensive Chiropractic Care For Whiplash

We are always striving to expand the boundaries of healthcare at Life Source Chiropractic. When you reflect back on your time following a whiplash injury, we want you to see it as a turning point when you made the decision to treat your health as if your life depended on it. Call our whiplash chiropractor today so we can help you on the road to recovery and better health.