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Here at Life Source Chiropractic, our Prenatal Chiropractors know that pregnancy is an exciting and nerve-wracking time. Whether you’re expecting your first or tenth child, one of the few constants you can expect is change. It can be easy to get caught in a whirlwind of activities such as decorating the nursery, planning postpartum grandparent visits, and even choosing a name. During this busy time, our prenatal chiropractic team invites you to consider your healthcare needs.

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A Healthy Beginning

Having a healthy baby begins long before pregnancy. At LifeSource Chiropractic, our prenatal chiropractor believes that every decision an expectant mother makes to take care of her health is an excellent choice for her preborn child. If you’re planning on becoming pregnant in the next few years, we encourage you to visit our prenatal chiropractor to get as healthy as you can.

Routine prenatal chiropractic care that includes a comprehensive lifestyle program can optimize every system of your body. In-office adjustment from our prenatal chiropractor and prescribed exercise can help ensure your body’s nerves are functioning at their peak. Nutritional support and counseling provide the materials to make you as strong as possible.

A Season of Change

Pregnancy is an exciting time for you and a challenging time for your body. Your blood volume increases by an average of 45%, and most organs move to accommodate your growing child. Even before you think you might be pregnant, biochemical messengers have delivered the news, and your body has begun to change.

While morning sickness is one of the most well-known pregnancy symptoms, there are many more. Since pregnancy affects every system of your body, you can experience sleep disturbances, worsening carpal tunnel syndrome, and a variety of pains. While you might have had back, neck, or hip pain before pregnancy, round ligament and pubic bone pain are most likely new experiences.

Maximize Comfort, Minimize Stress

Even when everything goes as it should, pregnancy can be tough for you and your family. Fluctuating hormones, sizes, and energy levels can be very stressful. According to our prenatal chiropractors, a shifting center of gravity can literally throw you off balance. Mix these factors with changing roles and expectations, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

When you see our prenatal chiropractor, our team does everything in our power to provide you with science-supported prenatal chiropractic care that supports your body and mind. It would be best if you thought, felt, and were as strong as possible to meet the many demands of motherhood. Some of the ways our prenatal chiropractic team can support you and your preborn child throughout your pregnancy include:

  • Targeted chiropractic adjustments
  • Customized nutrition and supplement regimens
  • Individualized activity recommendations

Webster Prenatal

Webster Prenatal chiropractic is an internationally researched and accepted approach to promoting maternal and fetal health. This prenatal chiropractic method focuses on promoting a more straightforward birth by correcting alignment issues of the hips and lower spine. Our prenatal chiropractor, Dr. Jason Wiese, completed twenty advanced postgraduate seminars in all aspects of Prenatal Chiropractic care and a rigorous credentialing examination to become a Webster certified Prenatal Chiropractor.

Pregnancy changes spinal alignment and can make birth significantly more difficult for both mother and baby. Webster technique Prenatal Chiropractic adjustments help preserve optimal pelvic alignment to ensure your baby has as much room as possible to move out during labor. Since this technique also optimizes nerve function, she or he can have strong contractions pushing them through the birth canal.

Well-Womb Care

Labor is essential, but it is not the overarching goal throughout your pregnancy. Giving your child the best possible start in life takes that place. According to our Prenatal Chiropractor, the decisions you make while pregnant can have an immediate and lasting positive impact on your child.

The Webster adjustments and positive lifestyle choices prescribed by our prenatal chiropractor create an optimal womb environment. When your alignment is optimal, your preborn child has enough room to grow inside your womb. They also have the freedom for all their organs, limbs, and systems to develop. After growing in such a nurturing environment, your baby will emerge with resources to confidently face the world.

Care for Every Stage of Life

If you’re expecting a child or planning to become pregnant, you have much to celebrate and many more great days ahead. When you’re making plans, we encourage you to put your health first. Take the time to make health commitments such as seeking Prenatal Chiropractic care.

You need a prenatal chiropractor who understands your needs and can anticipate those of your baby. At LifeSource Chiropractic, we want your preborn child and the rest of your family to experience the difference that Prenatal Chiropractic care and a healthier body can make. Give us a call or send us a message through our online contact form to book an appointment today.