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Traveling to an exotic destination or caring for a newborn baby are good reasons for not getting enough sleep at night. However, no one wants to be kept awake by pain; yet too many people who experience pain find it difficult to sleep for even a few hours every night. According to research, lack of sleep can even lower the body’s threshold for pain, which makes it feel more severe. 

Further research has revealed that chiropractic treatment can aid in balancing serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain, which helps to promote sleep and relaxation. Life Source Chiropractic has developed the following guide in order to answer any questions people may have when searching for a “chiropractor for sleep issues near me.” It discusses the importance of sleep as well as some of the causes of sleep deprivation. It also explains how chiropractic treatment can improve a patient’s quality as well as quantity of sleep.

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Reasons Good Sleep Is Important

Due to the busy lives of our patients, sleep is usually at the bottom of a long list of priorities that include work, family time, exercise, and healthy eating. However, sleep is required not only for rest, but also for bodily regeneration and repair. 

Sleep is also essential for supporting brain health. Much like the kidneys, the brain eliminates waste products during sleep, including the proteins connected with Alzheimer’s disease. Even though this elimination also takes place when a person is awake, it occurs twice as fast during sleep.

Sleep also allows the brain to perpetuate learning and resolve issues. The brain requires sleep not only for learning and problem solving, but also for memory formation. Other advantages of adequate sleep include enhanced immunity, improved athletic performance, and maintaining a healthy weight.

Health Issues Linked With Poor Sleep

Because sleep is essential for overall well-being, it’s no surprise that many issues are related to inadequate sleep. Life Source Chiropractic sees several patients with heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and depression. All of these factors significantly contribute to early death and functional impairment. They may contribute to or even worsen poor sleep.


Health questionnaires used to detect depression commonly inquire about sleep quality. Sleep deprivation is both a clinical manifestation and a trigger of depression. Sleep apnea is a condition in which a person intermittently stops and then resumes breathing during the night. According to research, treatment of sleep apnea has been shown to reduce depression symptoms. This also indicates that getting an adequate amount of sleep can decrease the likelihood of suffering from depression.


Sleep deprivation can have an impact on metabolism, which can lead to weight gain. Sleep is essential for brain health, and a lack of sleep can affect the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that regulates appetite and calorie expenditure.


A lack of sleep as well as the quality of sleep has been linked to type 2 diabetes. Additionally, research has shown the effect it has on hemoglobin A1C. A1C measures a person’s average blood sugar level over a three month period. It is a very accurate test that can indicate whether or not someone is predisposed to type 2 diabetes as a result of increased blood sugar. Hormonal changes caused by insufficient sleep can have an impact on the body’s capability to utilize glucose.

Cardiovascular Disease

Patients who suffer from a lack of sleep are at higher risk of developing high blood pressure, heart disease, irregular heartbeat, and stroke than those who have healthy patterns of sleep. Sleep apnea is not only associated with depression, it is also associated with atherosclerosis, a heart disorder characterized by plaque buildup in the arteries.

Common Causes of Poor Sleep

There are a variety of reasons for sleep issues. In addition to worries about finances or the future, there are also physical reasons for sleep disorders, which may keep a person up at night. An imbalance in the immunological, neurological, metabolic, or cardiovascular systems can be responsible for sleep deprivation. The same can be said for a number of chronic diseases and other health issues, including diabetes, mental health problems, high blood pressure, and drug or alcohol use. 

Sometimes, issues with sleep are situational. Night shift workers, long-haul truckers, and parents of newborns all fall under this category. Statistics also show that some people are more likely to skip sleep than others, including teenagers and doctors.

The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, premenstrual syndrome, and menopause, can have a significant impact on sleep. Some Life Source Chiropractic patients have reported hot flashes keeping them up at night. Changes in hormones related to pregnancy can cause a slew of unpleasant issues that make getting a good night’s sleep difficult.

Pain is a frequent issue that our chiropractor for sleep disorders encounters. No matter what the cause, pain can have a profound impact on a person’s ability to get a good night of sleep.

How Chiropractic Works to Improve Sleep

By addressing the underlying cause of the problem, chiropractic for sleep disorders can help to reduce symptoms. Migraine headaches, which are typically accompanied by throbbing pain on only one side of the head, can last for several days. They can also be compounded by a lack of sleep. Migraine side effects, such as nausea and visual disturbances, can also contribute to difficulty sleeping. Research has shown that chiropractic adjustments can reduce the frequency and duration of migraine headaches. In addition, they enjoyed more days and nights free of pain, which made sleeping easier.

Setting up for Successful Slumber

During an adjustment, our chiropractor for sleep relief at Life Source Chiropractic gently manipulates the spine into proper alignment. Once the spine is properly aligned, areas of subluxations are eliminated thereby providing relief to any compressed nerves. Because the nerves run through the whole body, maximizing their function can benefit circulation, digestion, and respiration. When the brain and nerves can easily control the body, restful sleep, optimal function, and effortless movement are restored.

Although in-office techniques are very beneficial, our chiropractor for sleep disorders understands there is more to healing than just chiropractic adjustments. Life Source Chiropractic is committed to helping patients make healthy lifestyle modifications in order to promote better health, which includes getting a restful night of sleep. In addition, we can provide them with information concerning pillows, mattresses, and good positions for sleeping as well as a nighttime routine that will help them get a better night’s rest.

Mattresses for Optimal Spinal Support

Although a mattress is a substantial investment, people spend as much as 30% of their lives sleeping on one. For this reason, carefully choosing a mattress is critical for good rest. A soft mattress may seem like a good idea because it easily conforms to the body; however, a pliable sleeping surface is actually a bad idea. A firm mattress provides proper spinal support and can be covered with a luxurious bedspread or quilt to add the desired softness.

Neck-Supportive Pillows

Contrary to what is depicted in magazines or commercials, an abundance of luxurious pillows is detrimental for the health of the cervical spine. In order for the head and neck to be properly aligned, firm pillows are a necessity.

Sleep Positions to Minimize Strain

While a restful night of sleep depends largely on the proper pillows and mattresses, there is more to it than just what you’re sleeping on. Climbing into bed and sleeping on the stomach causes unhealthy alignment of the spine. The ideal sleeping positions are either on the side or back, supported by pillows and knee cushions, which help to preserve the spine’s natural curve.

Sleep Promoting Evening Routines

Overall health depends on sleeping well. Sleep rejuvenates the body’s cells, clears waste from the brain, promotes learning and memory, and allows the body to heal. Preparation for sleep is key. A relaxing routine before going to bed can facilitate the smooth transition of the mind and body into a restful sleep. We teach patients to prepare for restorative sleep by using various techniques, such as mindful meditation, soothing snacks, and calming stretching exercises.

See Our Chiropractor for Sleep Relief

If you struggle with insomnia, sleep apnea, or interrupted sleep, you’ve probably tried a few home remedies with little success. Our chiropractor for sleep issues is dedicated to help you achieve optimal health, which begins with a restful night of sleep. Give Life Source Chiropractic a call to make a chiropractic sleep relief appointment today.