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Traumatic brain injury, also known as TBI, was responsible for over 64,000 deaths in 2020. It was also responsible for over 220,000 hospitalizations in 2019. Usually caused by a traumatic event, such as a fall or car accident, a concussion is a form of TBI. 

Concussions can cause a variety of symptoms and may also result in prolonged adverse effects. They do, however, have one thing in common. They all require prompt and thorough medical attention. The following information is being provided by our chiropractor for concussion to help our current and future patients understand more about this condition and what can be done to improve brain health.

What is a Concussion?

Because a concussion is a traumatic brain injury, it is always a result of a head injury, which can be caused by a car accident, a fall, or some other type of blow to the head. These accidents result in the forceful strike of the brain against the inside of the skull, which results in TBI. Since the skull is rigid and unyielding, this forceful movement can cause extensive damage to the brain.

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Concussions do not cause permanent damage to the brain, so they are categorized as mild TBIs. However, concussions can have a profound impact on a person’s life for an extended period of time, even though the damage isn’t permanent. Chiropractic for concussion therapy places a strong emphasis on boosting long-term recovery and reducing the pain related to this condition.

Common Causes of Concussions

The three most frequent causes of concussions are falls, car accidents, and injuries suffered during contact sports, such as football. Car accidents cause 56% of TBI-related deaths among young children every year; therefore, it is imperative that they ride in the back seat and wear a restraint at all times. Individuals who operate vehicles under the influence of drugs or alcohol are also more likely to cause injuries to themselves or others in a car accident. Our chiropractor for concussion discourages the use of pain medications that cause sedation. As a result, Life Source Chiropractic patients are at lower risk for concussions as a result of pharmaceutical impairment. 

Since falls are common among older people, they are responsible for almost 80% of TBIs the elderly incur. To reduce the risk of a fall, their homes should be modified to include brighter lighting, grab bars, and the elimination of fall hazards, such as loose rugs. Regular exercise helps aging adults maintain mobility and increases their chances of living independently. Life Source Chiropractic also sees a large number of concussions due to falls caused by dizziness and vertigo.

Our concussion chiropractic specialist also sees a lot of injuries related to sports, which are usually caused by contact sports, such as football or hockey. When engaging in sports, participants should always wear protective gear to reduce the likelihood of a concussion. Furthermore, students who participate in sports should be taught about the importance of brain safety while also learning how to swiftly identify concussion symptoms in themselves or another participant.

Symptoms of Concussions

A concussion can heal within weeks or can have long-term effects, depending on the extent of the injury. Symptoms can range in severity from minor annoyances to life-changing alterations. The following are some of the most common symptoms we see during our concussion chiropractic therapy appointments:

  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Pressure or pain in the head
  • Blurry vision or abnormal light sensitivity
  • Heightened noise sensitivity
  • Cognitive problems
  • Memory lapses
  • Feeling sleepy or lethargic

Many patients find that the majority of their symptoms resolve within a week or two, although they may continue to have some mild symptoms. Post-concussion syndrome is a controversial term used for the persistent effects some people experience after a concussion. It is controversial because the concept of post-concussion syndrome varies in its manifestation, general consensus, and absence of specific concussion-related characteristics. Mood swings, depression, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, dizziness, and migraines are all symptoms of this condition.

How Chiropractic Works to Eliminate Concussion Symptoms

Many people utilize their smartphones for a variety of purposes, but few use them to locate a “chiropractor for concussion near me.” This is because many people are not aware of the critical role chiropractic for concussion can play in managing the symptoms of concussion as well as minimizing long-term consequences. 

Because the brain and body are connected together by the nerves in the spinal cord, any injury to the brain can have an effect on the whole body. Optimal functioning of the nerves allows the brain to reap the advantages of gentle exercise, a healthy diet, and stress-reduction therapies. Because one of the pillars of chiropractic for concussion is providing the brain with everything it needs to recover, our chiropractor for concussion can provide therapy options that are ideal for addressing this condition.

Chiropractic Concussion Treatment

At Life Source Chiropractic, we use a variety of methods to foster healing from concussion. While most of these are performed in-office, others are intended to be carried out at home. However, they are both designed to help maximize overall health as well as recovery from concussion.

Comprehensive Concussion Chiropractic Assessment

Obtaining a clear understanding of a patient’s health is the first thing we do at Life Source Chiropractic. During the preliminary appointment for concussion treatment, we obtain a thorough patient health history, including questions about any medical conditions, prescriptions, and lifestyle habits. We also inquire about coping skills, support systems, and life events because we understand the importance of these factors as they pertain to a person’s overall well-being.

We also conduct a physical exam and a variety of assessments, for example, movement and sensation functionality. We may also send patients out for other tests, such as x-rays or scans, if necessary.

Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic adjustment, also known as spinal manipulation, is an important intervention for our patients at Life Source Chiropractic. Our approach focuses on the cervical spine, or neck, since many issues associated with concussions originate from this area. Our chiropractor for concussion carefully stretches this portion of the spine in order to reduce compression of the nerves.

Because nerve compression can disrupt the brain’s communication with the body, it can slow recovery from a concussion and also exacerbate pain. Compressed nerves can also produce their own pain, which can make healing even more difficult. By eliminating this compression, damaged nerves and the parts of the body they regulate can have the necessary room needed for healing.

Customized Therapeutic Movement, Nutrition and Relaxation Plans

Following a concussion, the brain requires supportive treatment for optimum healing. Customized workout programs are developed by Life Source Chiropractic to help reduce stress without undue strain or suffering. We provide dietary recommendations that are individually tailored for each patient in order to provide a proper balance of nutrients for brain function and general wellbeing. Making relaxation a priority may seem unusual, but in our experience, it is essential for recovery from concussion.

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You should seek medical attention as quickly as possible if you’ve experienced a brain injury as a result of an accident or other traumatic event. Life Source Chiropractic has the expertise and tools essential to facilitate concussion recovery. Taking a few minutes to contact our office for an appointment will provide you with peace of mind and get you another step closer to receiving the care you require.