Who is responsible for your health? Yes, each individual is responsible for their health. This can be an amazing uplifting thing, but if we don’t understand how to be healthy, then it could be very bad. This is why it is vital for us to empower every patient and person in our community with the knowledge of how our body works and heals. If we can be entrusted with this information, then we can be empowered to act and create the healthy body we were designed to have. That is why the first thing that we do in our office is empower our patients with what our body’s will need to function optimally, and also a lifestyle program that will lead them to making the best decisions in nutrition, exercise, and minimizing toxicity.

Life Source Chiropractic is focused on finding and correcting the cause. We understand that the quality of your life is in direct relationship to your health. Health is one of the most important aspects of our life. If we have disease or pain and the only thing that is treated is the symptoms and not the cause, then ultimately we are only prolonging the issue and affecting our personal effectiveness, quality of life, and our future. This is why corrective care is so important to our overall health.

Corrective Chiropractic Care

The Central Nerve System is what controls function in the body. It sends a message from the brain, down the spinal column and out to every organ and tissue in the body. This is what organizes and tells our body what to do. When the bones of the spine, the vertebrae, shift and put pressure on the Nerves that exit the spinal column then we have a subluxation. A subluxation is just that, damage to your nerve system due to abnormal position of the vertebrae. This in turn affects the function of the body.

“Vital information travels from the brain and spinal cord to all of the parts of the body. But, not only does information travel down the nerve, but at the same time information from the peripheral parts of the body is being sent back to the brain and spinal cord. When this information is interfered with, a problem arises in the body.”
–Daniel J. Murphy, DC; Spinal Biomechanics, Harrison, 1992, p.366

The normal position of the spine when looking at an xray from front to back is straight with the hips being level. From the side view there should 3 curves each measuring between 35 and 45 degrees according to Yochums cervical lordosis measurement system, with an average being 40 degrees. The neck should have a forward curve, the midback a backward curve, and the lumbar or lower spine should have another forward curve. These curves were designed to help with motion and support of the spine.

If your CNS is unhealthy due to subluxation, you cannot become truly healthy by exercising or eating right alone. You can be healthier, but you cannot be at “normal” or optimal. Any “abnormal” position of the spine, misalignment of the bones, or any changes in these curves indicate a serious problem. It is absolutely vital to understand this point–any changes from “normal” will interfere with and eventually damage the Central Nerve System. Interference and damage to the Central Nerve System will always result in “abnormal” function of the body, improper healing, and poor, abnormal, or less than optimal health.

If your spine and Central Nervous System are “abnormal,” there is a need for corrective chiropractic care. This type of care will restore “normal” spinal position and alignment. By properly restoring normal curves to the spine and aligning the vertebrae, it will eliminate CNS interference allowing your body to function and heal “normally.” This gives you your optimum chance to be at 100 percent of your God-given potential.

Be cautious that a lot of people may say they are “corrective care”. They are not. At Life Source Chiropractic you will actually see the change on your x-rays as they are measured specifically and compared to one another. Specific adjustments are given followed by state of the art specific spinal corrective rehab exercises that restore health and structure to the spine.

A healthy spine with the right lifestyle program gives you an unbeatable combination for normal, optimal health and your best possible future.