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One of the strongest joints in the body is the hip, but that doesn’t exclude it from being subject to pain. Even the most basic movements can become a challenge and cause pain throughout the body when it affects a large joint such as the hip. 

With so many options for care available, our hip pain chiropractor is saddened to see people endure this type of pain. Anyone can do an internet search for “chiropractic for hip pain near me,” but it can be a challenge to find factual and pertinent information. The following guide has been provided by our chiropractor for hip pain in the hopes that it will be useful for the on-line community.

Common Causes of Hip Pain

Hip pain can be a result of several different issues considering the hip is required for so many functions. Some of the most common factors include nerve dysfunction, strain from overuse, and diseases, such as osteoarthritis. The three conditions listed below are typical of these factors and are most predominant among our patients at Life Source Chiropractic.

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Sciatica causes sharp, shooting pain on one side of the body that radiates down the length of the same leg and is a consequence of sciatic nerve irritation. This condition can also cause pain in the feet and toes, according to some of our patients.

Muscle Strain, Tendinitis, and Bursitis

Some common causes of hip pain include sports injuries, lifting heavy objects, and other recurring motions. Despite the fact that the hip is a joint and not a muscle, it is surrounded by the hip flexors, lower abdominal, and other significant muscle groups. These muscles can cause a great deal of pain if one of them becomes strained.

The muscles are connected together by fibrous sections of connective tissue called tendons.

Tendinitis can develop when the muscles around the hip become strained. This condition commonly occurs due to repetitive motion strain but can also be caused by an unforeseen injury and results in painful irritation or inflammation of the tendons. In addition to the pain, tendinitis can make it challenging to use the hip joint.

The small fluid-filled sacs that cushion the hip joints are called bursae. Just like the tendons, the bursae can become irritated and inflamed causing a condition known as bursitis. This is also usually the result of repetitive motion and can significantly limit movement in the hip.


Arthritis is a condition caused by the narrowing of the joint space between two bones. According to our hip pain chiropractor, osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis that is commonly associated with aging and usually occurs from the normal “wear-and-tear” of the cartilage in the joints. However, this condition can also develop in younger individuals who are overweight or perform a lot of repetitive activities affecting the hip joint.

An autoimmune disease called rheumatoid arthritis causes the immune system to attack the hip joint causing pain and inflammation. In addition to age and weight of the patient, this condition is frequently linked to genetics or exposure to certain environmental factors.

Symptoms of Hip Pain

Since there are so many possible causes of hip pain, patients with a wide range of symptoms turn to chiropractic for hip pain to find relief. Pain commonly occurs within or near the hip joint, in the groin, down the legs, and in the buttocks. However, some Life Source Chiropractic patients have pain that radiates from the hip to other areas of the body. Other frequent complaints are of pain in the feet, ankles, or knees considering the hips have a direct impact on those parts of the body.

Pain can manifest itself in different ways throughout the body. Some of the most frequent descriptions our chiropractor for hip pain has heard are stabbing, aching, electrocuting, shooting, and distracting. Stabbing and aching pain are usually associated with the three main causes of hip pain described above. The failure of communication between the nerves, brain, and body commonly results in nerve issues, such as sciatica, and has a tendency to cause zapping, or “electric shock-type” pain. Due to the fact that pain travels down the nerve pathways, shooting pain is also a more common symptom with nerve disorders.

Although hip pain is responsible for a lot of sleepless nights, it can also frequently interfere with daily life by making it hard to move. It may also result in compensatory behaviors, such as limping. Unfortunately, compensations do not correct any underlying conditions and can even cause additional problems. As a result, the underlying hip conditions should be resolved by using chiropractic for hip pain methods to address them.

How Chiropractic Works to Eliminate Hip Pain

Although hip pain chiropractic care aids in relieving discomfort, it focuses on much more than merely providing pain relief. Whether at a routine follow-up or an initial consultation, our staff takes a thorough, holistic approach to therapy at Life Source Chiropractic. We use a number of strategic techniques that concentrate on providing our patients with care that is supported by scientific research. 

The nerves serve as the body’s primary means of communication with the brain. They relay information to and from the brain that makes sensation and movement possible. They also play a critical role in certain life-sustaining bodily functions such as heart rate, breathing, and digestion. For these reasons, ensuring the nerves are operating at their best is one of our main priorities.

Most people are aware that the brain controls physical functions, for example, walking and speaking. However, they might not be aware that the brain performs intricate and largely unconscious processes like releasing hormones at precisely timed intervals.

Since the nerves are critical for maintaining good health, it stands to reason that they are also necessary for healing. As a result, our hip pain chiropractic methods improve nerve health while reducing hip discomfort. When nerve function is optimized, the brain and body can cooperate with each other to facilitate healing and restore normal function.

Hip Pain Treatment

Chiropractic for hip pain works best when taking a multi-faceted approach. Although Life Source Chiropractic can alleviate pain and discomfort with in-office interventions, pain relief most likely will not last without a committed lifestyle management plan. Our hip pain chiropractor recommends home techniques that include the added advantage of enhancing patients’ overall well-being. This better equips them to be able to confront hip pain as well as any other future health challenges.

We regularly search for the most recent scientific innovations that will benefit our patients. We strongly believe that before implementing any intervention, we must carefully review the research behind it, despite the fact that it can be tempting to depend on information provided by equipment manufacturers or other chiropractors.

New patients are occasionally surprised by some of the questions we ask, but we assure them that there is a reason behind these questions. Since pain is a shared experience, understanding what causes it and what relieves it can help us identify underlying causes and develop a customized care plan.

We also carry out a variety of mobility and functional testing as well as scans, if necessary. Our goal is to get an in-depth look at our patients’ physical structure, state of health, and potential for recovery. Once we are completely familiar with a patient, we begin therapy.

Hands-On Techniques

One of our most popular hands-on techniques is chiropractic adjustment. During adjustment, we use our hands to carefully shift the patient’s joints back into their proper positions, eliminating misalignment that leads to nerve dysfunction. Pain can be adequately perceived when normal nerve function has been restored.

Healthier Choices Counseling

We carefully review the food and lifestyle choices of each patient, which allows us to make suggestions that are beneficial for them. We have come to realize that patients make more progress towards their health goals when they have a practical plan that works for them. An internet search for a “chiropractor for hip pain near me” will not give you a full picture of what we have to offer regarding this area.

Hip Pain Chiropractic Care

Our chiropractor for hip pain would like nothing more than to relieve your pain so that you can move on with your life. We have many patients that have come to our office with hip pain who are now enjoying improved health and are happy to tell others about their progress. If you would like more information or a chiropractic for hip pain consultation, give Life Source Chiropractic a call today.