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Roughly, five to 12% of Americans live with TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder. Unfortunately, TMJ causes significant pain, and most people don’t seek treatment for this condition. Others have tried various treatments or have seen numerous doctors, yet their symptoms and pain have not improved.

At Life Source Chiropractic, addressing TMJ is a priority since this condition can affect the ability to chew and cause nutritional deficiencies in the body. Our TMJ chiropractor works incredibly hard to provide our patients with relief and help them regain their health. The following TMJ pain treatment guide is being provided in the hopes that it will better inform both our present and prospective patients of the causes, symptoms, and care options for this problem.

What is TMJ Pain?

Basic functions such as talking and eating become difficult due to TMJ pain since these motions require a jaw that can freely move. The temporomandibular joint serves as a hinge between the jaw and skull. When TMJ occurs, it can cause painful inflammation and significant dysfunction.

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Most people may not associate the jaw and knee with each other. However, in biomechanical terms, they are functionally the same. Because both joints swing at a relatively fixed hinge point, they are both subject to wear and tear. Any malfunction of the temporomandibular joint creates severe disruptions in daily life since it is essential for survival-oriented behaviors like eating and communicating.

Common Causes of TMJ Disorder

A cushioning disc sits between the skull and jaw bones to aid in movement, minimize friction between the two, and support the temporomandibular joint. As the mouth opens, the temporomandibular joint and disc move forward. Likewise, the disc moves back into place as the mouth closes. Many people with TMJ hear a “popping” sound when they open or close their mouths. This occurs when the disc does not smoothly glide into the proper position. Just like the spinal discs, the temporomandibular joint disc can dislodge from its correct location causing pain and improper movement. 

The degree of temporomandibular joint displacement and the state of the jaw both influence the type and severity of TMJ symptoms. However, there are some common factors that cause this condition in many Life Source Chiropractic patients, including certain dental disorders, teeth-grinding or bruxism, and injury to the jaw due to an accident of some sort. In addition, patients may suffer from conditions such as autoimmune illnesses, arthritis, and certain infections that can also lead to joint deterioration, causing TMJ issues. The majority of people who visit our chiropractor for TMJ pain have some extent of cervical spine or neck misalignment, which can affect how pain is processed, exacerbating TMJ symptoms.

Symptoms of TMJ Injury

Despite the fact that each patient’s lower jaw-skull complex is unique, the majority of our patients with TMJ experience pain and restricted range of motion in the joint making it a challenge to enjoy a meal or even get a restful night of sleep. It may also prompt an internet search for a “chiropractor for TMJ pain near me.” Following are some of the most common symptoms our chiropractor for TMJ pain encounters at Life Source Chiropractic:

  • Difficulty chewing
  • Popping or clicking sound or grating sensation when opening or closing the jaw
  • Ear, jaw, or facial tenderness and pain
  • A locked TMJ joint that makes it difficult to close the mouth
  • Head, neck, or shoulder aches and pain

These are the most common TMJ symptoms, but patients have also reported increased tooth sensitivity, dizziness, tinnitus or ringing in the ears, “pins-and-needles” sensation in the arms, and some other symptoms that may seem unrelated to TMJ. Because the jaw is critical for nourishment and communication, any dysfunction can have a substantial impact on daily life. TMJ should be addressed as early as possible because health issues related to poor nutrition and social isolation can become an issue if left untreated.

How Chiropractic Works to Eliminate TMJ Pain

Many of our patients have attempted other forms of treatment before coming to our office, but chiropractic for TMJ pain is different. We’ve seen patients that have tried potentially-addictive pain medications, botox injections, and even patients who have considered or had high-risk TMJ surgery to obtain relief. 

TMJ pain treatment at Life Source Chiropractic does not rely on any of these involved and risky procedures. These interventions do not effectively alleviate TMJ pain and they do nothing to promote a healthy lifestyle. Patients that visit our office for TMJ treatment turn into devoted patients who stay because of the relief we can offer them. Our chiropractor for TMJ pain not only focuses on relieving pain but also helps patients achieve overall wellness.

Chiropractic TMJ Pain Treatment

Every patient is unique, but there are some specific TMJ pain treatment options that are effective for many of our patients. Examples include cervical repetitive traction, spinal adjustment, and supportive nutrition instruction. Our chiropractor for TMJ pain also promotes healthy lifestyle options, including exercise, beneficial vitamin supplementation, and daily management of stress.

Every Life Source Chiropractic patient receives a thorough examination before treatment begins no matter what options a particular patient pursues. This involves a medical records review as well as a health interview to get a better understanding of the patient’s past and current well-being. By performing a comprehensive physical exam, analyzing jaw movement, and obtaining imaging studies, if necessary, our chiropractor for TMJ pain can get an up-to-date view of the patient’s present health.

Cervical Repetitive Traction

In order to prepare patients for chiropractic for TMJ pain therapy, we have them complete warm-up and stretching exercises using a variety of techniques, including cervical repetitive traction. This particular stretching exercise increases disc height while also hydrating the discs and lays the groundwork for long-lasting recovery from TMJ problems.

Cervical Spine Adjustment

A great form of TMJ pain treatment is cervical spine adjustment. Using this form of therapy, we are able to find and correct misalignments, or subluxations, in the spine, which can impede proper nerve function. Since healthy nerve function is essential for the accurate perception of pain, chiropractic for TMJ pain focuses on relieving debilitating nerve compression. Ensuring the neck is in proper alignment also minimizes headaches, neck pain, and upper back pain that can worsen TMJ pain. The amount of healing resources that can reach the temporomandibular joint is also influenced by nerves since they regulate the flow of nutrient-rich blood traveling through the blood vessels.

Supportive Nutrition Instruction

We provide our patients with individualized nutritional guidance since the temporomandibular joint is necessary for chewing. This coaching may include some investigation to ascertain what foods can make TMJ pain worse, but it always includes foods that help to build a strong, healthy body.

TMJ Pain Relief for You

Our chiropractor for TMJ pain strives to help our patients achieve relief from TMJ so they can enjoy a conversation with a friend or a good meal without suffering. Avoid letting TMJ pain disrupt another day of your life. Call Life Source Chiropractic today to make an appointment for a thorough TMJ pain evaluation.