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Life Source Chiropractic is the premier chiropractic clinic in Bennington that offers an array of treatment modalities that lessen pain, increase mobility and lowers dependence on medication. At Life Source Chiropractic we use natural methods to help the body bring back its natural healing abilities for better health and faster healing.

Dr. Jason has over 16 years of experience including thousands of continuing education hours in natural health sciences.  Dr. Jason’s areas of expertise include pain treatment, pediatric and family health, prenatal, athletics, and wellness in the workplace.

As one of the top family chiropractors in Bennington we believe that a healthy spine combined with the correct lifestyle can give your family the best chance of achieving optimal health.  We are with you each and every step of the way to ensure you are getting the best possible results.  With a comprehensive spinal care treatment program we can restore the flexibility and strength of the bones, joints, ligaments and spinal disks which improves your overall health.

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With over 16 years of experience, Dr. Jason provides elite care for Olympic Athletes and provides them with elite care. However, everyone that walks through the door is treated like an Olympic Athlete and the same information that is provided to them is what he teaches to all his patients.

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