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Welcome to Life Source Chiropractic the leading chiropractic clinic in West Maple NE that offers a multitude of spinal treatments to remove spinal misalignments and help restore the body back to its natural state.  We believe that a healthy spine paired with the correct lifestyle program can restore your health, remove pain and give you the best quality of life.

Family Chiropractor

Dr. Wiese’s expertise is not limited to sports chiropractic; he also excels in family chiropractic care. Life Source Chiropractic is a family-friendly practice, catering to a broad demographic, from the youngest to the most senior members of the community. Dr. Wiese understands that true health involves the whole family and his methods mirror this philosophy. He offers all-encompassing chiropractic solutions that support well-being and harmony for all ages, enabling families to enjoy vibrant health collectively.

Prenatal Chiropractor West Maple, NE

Dr. Wiese is committed to the health of families, evident through his certified expertise in chiropractic care tailored for both mothers-to-be. The transformative period of pregnancy comes with unique challenges, and Dr. Wiese offers specialized chiropractic services to alleviate these discomforts. He provides a gentle yet effective touch, focused on helping expectant mothers through this important stage with added comfort and well-being.

West Maple Pediatric Chiropractor

In the realm of pediatric care, Dr. Wiese holds the belief that early chiropractic attention is fundamental to lifelong health. He is adept in pediatric chiropractic, addressing common issues that affect children such as colic, ear infections, and developmental hurdles. His dedicated attention to the spinal health of the young ones in West Maple plays a significant role in supporting their growth and optimal health.

Expert Sports Chiropractor

Life Source Chiropractic takes pride in Dr. Wiese’s specialization in sports chiropractic services. He possesses a deep knowledge of the sophisticated spinal care and rehabilitation required by elite athletes, including those of Olympic level. Dr. Wiese’s expertise is meticulously honed to boost the performance and health of these sports professionals, regardless of the scale of their injuries or discomforts. Through comprehensive assessments, customized treatment approaches, and cutting-edge chiropractic practices, he supports athletes on their journey to reaching optimal physical condition.

Chiropractic Care in West Maple, NE

Chiropractic therapy forms the bedrock of Life Source Chiropractic’s healing approach. The goal of these spinal adjustments is to achieve proper spinal alignment and maintain its proper function, thereby enhancing the body’s own capacity to heal. Whether it’s for managing ongoing pain, recuperating from an injury, or boosting overall health and vitality, chiropractic care is an essential element in the therapeutic journey.

Get expert chiropractic care in West Maple NE. Our licensed experts perform specific manipulations to help realign joints and provide lasting pain relief. Spinal manipulations are safe and effective treatment methods for pain and injuries.

Chiropractic care is not merely limited to adults but to patients of all age groups. This is why our family chiropractor in West Maple can provide all the members of your family with safe and effective spinal care. Our adjustments relieve pain, sooth and provide comfort and help the body heal itself naturally.

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A healthy and well functioning spine is essential to good health. This is the core focus of our spinal rehabilitation West Maple NE facility. We can treat acute and chronic spinal pain to help get you back to doing the activities you love the most.

Our chiropractic clinic can treat a variety of diseases including bulging pain, ankle pain, hip pain, neck pain, lower back pain and many more. Our goal is to restore structure and function to the spine and other joints.

As one of the best chiropractic clinics in West Maple NE, we offer a team of expert chiropractors that can diagnose and treat almost any spinal issue to ensure it functions in the most optimal way possible. Let our team help bring back the natural healing powers of your body without drugs.

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