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Agonizing mid back pain can make driving, working, and other ordinary tasks a challenge. The information that follows has been put together by our mid back pain chiropractor to help patients better understand this condition and what Life Source Chiropractic can do to help.

Common Causes of Mid Back Pain

Although quite a few conditions can be caused by the following issues, pain in the mid back is usually provoked by at least one of these three. Among them are living a sedentary lifestyle, carrying heavy objects, and even some diseases.

Sedentary Lifestyle

The American lifestyle is more sedentary than ever before. Whether at work or at home, we spend as many as 60 hours each week sitting at a computer desk. Because of this, we have become more vulnerable to the effects of poor posture. This issue is further compounded by lack of movement.

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People have a natural tendency to bend their heads forward and down while looking at their computer screens. An immediate consequence of this posture is a sore neck, but it is not the only one. For each inch that the neck is shifted forward, the spine must carry an additional 10 pounds of pressure. Given that the spine is connected to the back, neck, and head, this added pressure can produce pain in any of these areas of the body, as well as the mid back.

Since the body was designed for movement, sitting for extended periods of time is damaging to overall well-being. Poor circulation is caused by a sedentary lifestyle which prevents healing oxygen and nutrients from reaching the afflicted mid back muscles. In addition, communication between the nerves may also be altered causing any pain in the mid back to feel more intense.

Heavy Objects

Although a sedentary lifestyle is a considerable issue, improper movement is also a concern. A great deal of strain can be placed on the mid and upper back by carrying heavy purses, computer bags, or backpacks. The average bag weighs approximately six pounds. Because most people use the same shoulder to carry their bags, one side of the mid back bears the burden of this extra weight on a regular basis.


Pain in the mid back can also be caused by certain diseases. One example of this is scoliosis in which the spine develops an abnormal, sideways curvature. Since scoliosis usually develops during the teenage years, carrying around large backpacks with a diseased spine can compound mid back pain.

Every so often our chiropractor for mid back pain encounters a patient who has unexpected pain in the mid back for no apparent reason. This type of pain is usually located to the slight right of the center of the back between the shoulder blades and is commonly caused by gallbladder disease. Osteoporosis, arthritis, and spinal stenosis are some other diseases that can also cause mid back pain.

Symptoms of Mid Back Pain

Despite the fact that mid back pain can have a significant impact on our patients’ lives, it’s not as frequently discussed as lower back pain. Symptoms can suddenly flare or gradually occur over a period of time. Listed below are some of the most common mid back pain symptoms:

  • Sharp pain, particularly under the shoulder blade
  • Numbness, tingling, or pain that radiates from the mid back to the chest, arms, or other regions
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Rigidity or stiffness, primarily in the morning

How Chiropractic Works to Eliminate Mid Back Pain

Choosing a single therapy strategy for mid back pain can be challenging since it can come with a variety of symptoms. Mid back pain chiropractic treatment is more than just the management or masking of symptoms. Our chiropractor for mid back pain at Life Source Chiropractic works diligently to uncover the underlying cause of stiffness and pain in order to customize the ideal care plan for each patient. 

Chiropractic mid back pain treatment does not depend on high risk surgical procedures or potentially habit-forming pain medications. Since our mid back pain chiropractor conveniently sees patients during their lunch hour, they can return to their workday with little disruption. They also appreciate receiving care that helps them feel better without using sedation which can produce undesirable side effects.

Mid Back Pain Chiropractic Treatment

Although chiropractic mid back pain treatment differs from patient to patient, there is one common element to their care. The following techniques have been proven to enhance healing and are also supported by considerable research.

Health Evaluation

At Life Source Chiropractic, our chiropractor for mid back pain begins with a detailed assessment of our patients’ health. We carefully review their health records and any information they provide to us. We then carry out various muscular and nerve function tests as well as perform a comprehensive physical exam. We may also order x-rays or scans if we feel a patient’s condition necessitates further evaluation.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Although we use chiropractic adjustments to help alleviate pain, there is more to it than just “cracking the back.” The spine needs to be optimally aligned for the mid back to function properly because the nerves that control sensation and movement in the mid back all originate from the spinal cord. When the spine is misaligned, nerve compression can occur. This can interfere with pain and movement signals between the brain and mid back causing them to be missing, altered, or delayed.

During spinal adjustment, our mid back pain chiropractor carefully realigns each segment of the spine, or vertebrae, back into its ideal position. The mid back and spinal nerves can properly communicate when appropriate spinal alignment is restored. Once these nerves are able to freely communicate, the brain can send the necessary healing resources to the mid back.

Guided Exercise

Routine, careful movement is one of the best ways to foster good health according to our mid back pain chiropractor. In a body that was created to move, it’s hard to get and stay healthy in a society that promotes sedentary living. Although there is no need for us to chase after wild animals in this day and age, we can all reap the benefits of planned daily activity.

While walking is a great way to exercise, Life Source Chiropractic creates customized movement plans for our mid back pain patients. These exercises are specifically designed to relieve tension and strengthen weak muscles. Patients are more likely to stick to a program when they know exactly what exercises they need to perform.

Ergonomics Coaching

Although patients tell us they feel relieved after a therapy session, we realize how rapidly that feeling can fade in the middle of a challenging workday. As a result, we teach our patients how to better cope with the everyday tasks they need to accomplish. These may include a desk layout that is ergonomically friendly, easy stretches that can be done at their desk, or a healthy snack that gives them an afternoon pick-me-up. Our goal is to help our patients achieve a better life at work because supporting a family shouldn’t affect their quality of life.

Mid Back Pain Chiropractic Treatment for You

Chiropractic mid back pain treatment may be a great choice if you or someone you know has a painful mid back. Our knowledgeable and supportive team is waiting to help, so stop the internet search for a “mid back pain chiropractor near me,” and call Life Source Chiropractic for a consultation today.