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A study done by the Global Burden of Disease found that depression, anxiety, and sleep deprivation are twice as common among people with back pain, although they are typically not associated with this condition. Our upper back pain chiropractor understands that pain can significantly impact the lives of our patients and that it can also substantially affect their careers, relationships, and quality of life whether it is short or long-term. 

Our patients are focused on solutions and results when it comes to their care. This strategy suits Life Source Chiropractic well since the goal of chiropractic for upper back pain therapy is about getting to the heart of any underlying conditions and solving them. We hope that the following overview of chiropractic for upper back pain will help answer questions and give our patients the information they need to make important decisions concerning their health.

Common Causes of Upper Back Pain

A painful upper back can have a number of different causes since it helps to perform so many functions. In some cases, there is an apparent cause such as a sports injury or car accident. However, there are times when the reason for upper back pain is difficult to identify.

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According to our upper back pain chiropractor, this type of pain usually originates from the following underlying conditions:

  • Herniated discs
  • Muscle strain
  • Whiplash
  • Compression fractures
  • Scoliosis

One advantage of holistic care is that we can pinpoint minor, chronic movements that could have a major effect on health. Unhealthy posture is one example of this. Many people spend a large number of hours at a computer every day. Learning to sit and move more naturally can diminish pain, reduce the chance of upper back problems, and improve quality of life.

Symptoms of Upper Back Pain

Considering pain in the upper back can have different causes, our chiropractor for upper back pain sees various symptoms among patients. Symptoms commonly include stiffness, sharp pain, soreness, and pain that radiates to other parts of the body from the upper back. When the nerves are affected, patients may also notice weakness or “pins-and-needles” numbness in the back. Life Source Chiropractic knows how important it is to have a back that is feeling good, but how it functions is also crucial.

Upper back pain can come on quickly or progress slowly over time, but it can also be delayed. This commonly happens after an accident because the pain is not apparent when the stress hormones are present. Our patients describe upper back pain in some of the following ways.

Sharp Pain

People often think of sharp pain in relation to a painful back. When it comes to upper back pain, it is typically limited to one area. Patients have also described the pain as stabbing, burning, or crushing.


Soreness is often seen as the inherent result of a long work day or overexertion due to an intense exercise session or sporting event. This can be a throbbing pain, and the ache can radiate to other regions of the body including the neck, shoulders, or mid back.


At Life Source Chiropractic, we see many patients who deliberately limit their movements due to a painful back. Stiffness in the upper back can quickly develop as a result of this limitation. Although this stiffness does not significantly interfere with upper back movement since it is not the most mobile region of the back, it can make lifting or rotating the arms a challenge.

Moving Pain

Since sensation is carried by the nerves, upper back pain can radiate through them and generate pain in a variety of other body parts including the stomach, arms, and lower portions of the body. This usually transpires on just one side of the body and can take on a variety of forms such as aching, stabbing, or something that feels like an electrical shock.

Nerve Involvement

Upper back pain can radiate as a “pins-and-needles” feeling through the chest, arms, and lower half of the body as the nerves become more involved. As the pain progresses, everyday activities can become difficult to perform, including lifting or throwing objects that are heavier in weight. It can also prevent getting a good night’s rest.

When to See a Chiropractor for Upper Back Pain

Although upper back pain is always a considerable issue, there are signs that should prompt people to search the internet for an “upper back pain chiropractor near me.” If the pain becomes severe enough that it interferes with sleep or activities of daily living, you should seek care immediately. This is also true for pain that has lasted for a few days or more. 

Accidents are traumatic events; therefore, we encourage patients to see us after a fall or car accident. Harmful, compensatory movement patterns can begin to develop by going without care, which may exacerbate the original injury. Seeking help from our chiropractor for upper back pain begins the healing process and prevents additional impairment.

There are times when an injury is not obvious. Sometimes a sign of trauma is just a swollen or reddened area on the upper back. This occurs because the body rushes extra blood to the injury site bringing oxygen, nutrients, and other biochemicals required for healing. A chiropractic for upper back pain consultation should be made if the area is painful, red, or swollen for several days.

“Pins-and-needles” is not something that only happens when a foot “falls asleep.” It’s a sign of nerve dysfunction when it coincides with upper back pain. Whether or not weakness is present, this condition should be addressed as soon as possible.

Another warning sign of a more extensive issue is pain in other areas of the body, such as the jaw or neck. Other red flags that have been reported by our patients include headaches, facial pain, and arm weakness.

How Chiropractic Works to Eliminate Upper Back Pain

Our first objective when patients come to Life Source Chiropractic with upper back pain, is to relieve their pain. Daily life becomes stressful and movement becomes more difficult when pain presents itself, whether it occurs in the ligaments, muscles, or bones. Getting rid of pain that can cause limited movement is a priority because we want our patients to benefit from walking, exercise, and other activities that are healthy for the body. 

The next goal of chiropractic care is to restore function. Although the upper back doesn’t play a significant role in the movement of the hips or elbows, it does allow the arms to move freely, and it has an important role for the maintenance of good posture which is essential for breathing and normal organ function.

Upper Back Pain Therapy

Whether they found us through the recommendation of friends or by doing an internet search for a “chiropractor for upper back pain near me,” our patients were eager for a change. Fortunately, we can alleviate back pain and improve overall well-being with our wide array of therapy options.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustment is a hands-on therapy that involves different ways of manipulating the body. Two forms of adjustments we perform at Life Source Chiropractic are known as biophysics and diversified adjustments. The biophysics-based method improves posture by realigning the spine. The diversified technique uses quick thrusts to the facet joints of the spine to return it to proper alignment.

Optimal spinal alignment is the goal no matter which method of adjustment is being performed. The spinal cord is protected by the spine, so maintaining it safeguards function between the spinal cord, brain, and all the nerves of the body. The body can work to heal damage to the upper back and can process pain accurately when the neurological system is functioning properly.

Spinal Molding

Spinal molding utilizes foam blocks to gently re-align the spine into its natural position. After the discs go through a brief warm-up period, the patient is positioned on the foam blocks for 20 minutes while the discs cool down, retaining this healthy posture and also alleviating upper back pain.

Customized Lifestyle Enhancement Program

Our patients can build stronger, healthier bodies with prescribed movement and healthy, customized menu plans. Since this helps to strengthen the body, any future risk of injury is minimized. This can also aid in the maintenance or loss of body weight, which reduces the stress on the upper back.

Upper Back Pain Solutions for You

In its early stages, upper back pain can be easily disregarded. However, delaying care only results in further pain and injury according to our upper back pain chiropractor. Give yourself the best chance at recovery from upper back pain by calling Life Source Chiropractic today.