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Welcome to Life Source Chiropractic where we provide the best level of natural care for you and your family. Our Elkhorn chiropractor is trained and certified to perform safe and effective spinal adjustments to relieve both acute and chronic pain to effect lasting healing.

Here at our chiropractic clinic in Elkhorn, NE, we focus on finding and correcting the root cause of your pain. We do this without the use of drugs. Through our spinal adjustments your body can be restored back to its natural state.

The health of your family is our top priority here at Life Source Chiropractic. Let our expert family chiropractors provide all the members of your brood with expert spinal care designed to relieve pain and provide comfort from all kinds of aches and pains. As a premier spinal care specialist in Elkhorn NE, we aim to restore proper joint motion, remove pain and ease any muscle tightness that may hinder you from doing your favorite activities.

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Family Chiropractor

Dr. Wiese’s proficiency extends beyond the realm of sports chiropractic to encompass family chiropractic services. At Life Source Chiropractic, individuals of every age group, from newborns to the elderly, find a welcoming environment. Dr. Wiese embraces the concept that comprehensive health includes every family member, and his treatment approach is a testament to this belief. He delivers extensive chiropractic care that nurtures health and equilibrium across all life stages, fostering an environment where families can experience robust health together. Dr. Wiese’s dedication to family health is clear from his specialized qualifications in chiropractic care for expectant mothers. Pregnancy brings its own set of distinctive challenges, and Dr. Wiese delivers specialized chiropractic treatments designed to relieve these specific discomforts. His approach is both tender and impactful, concentrating on aiding pregnant women to navigate this crucial phase with enhanced ease and wellness.

Prenatal Chiropractor Elkorn, NE

Dr. Wiese’s commitment to family wellness shines through in his specialized chiropractic qualifications for expectant mothers. Recognizing the significant transformations that accompany pregnancy, Dr. Wiese administers specialized chiropractic care to ease the typical discomforts associated with this time. With a focus on gentle, yet effective treatments, he strives to support expectant mothers in enjoying this unique period with more comfort and health.

Pediatric Chiropractor in Elkhorn, NE

Dr. Wiese holds the conviction that initiating chiropractic care early on is fundamental to ensuring enduring health for the young. Skilled in pediatric chiropractic, he addresses common ailments in children including colic, ear infections, and assorted developmental concerns. By focusing on the spinal health of youngsters, Dr. Wiese plays a vital role in fostering their comprehensive growth and well-being.

Sports Chiropractor

Life Source Chiropractic is distinguished by Dr. Wiese’s specialized skill in sports chiropractic care. His adeptness in meeting the rigorous spinal care and rehabilitation requirements of elite athletes, including those at the Olympic level, is notable. Whether dealing with minor discomforts or more serious injuries, Dr. Wiese is adept at improving these athletes’ performance and health. His approach includes comprehensive assessments, individualized treatment plans, and the latest chiropractic techniques to help athletes reach their optimal physical state.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is the foundational element of Life Source Chiropractic’s approach to health. The objective of these spinal adjustments is to properly realign the spine and maintain its function, which is essential for facilitating the body’s own healing capabilities. Such treatments are vital for managing ongoing pain, recovering from injuries, or simply enhancing overall health and wellness. We invite you to our premier center, where we provide outstanding spinal care for a wide range of clients, including injured athletes, adults, children, teens, and even infants.

Lifestyle Support

As the top chiropractic clinic in Elkhorn we aim to help our patients achieve a healthy spine through lifestyle changes and proper movement. Our exercise program can help restore full range of motion that can lead to optimal spinal health. As Elkhorn’s leading chiropractor, Dr. Weise can guide you on the right exercises that can treat your pain and injuries while also preventing further damage. The arsenal of chiropractic methods at his disposal can help you recover faster, perform better and live a more pain-free life.

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