Elk Creek Crossing, Nebraska

Elk Creek Crossing is a beautiful neighborhood in the state of Nebraska and specifically Omaha city. The residents of Elk Creek Crossing are warm and welcoming to visitors, so you don’t have to worry about having a hard time settling in. The neighborhood has several amenities to offer, including numerous access points that ensure you don’t get caught up in traffic snarl-ups while trying to access it.

Read on for more on this peaceful and beautiful neighborhood and what it has to offer potential residents.


If you are an adventurous and outdoorsy person, you are bound to love Elk Creek Crossing. You can go for a chill day in Elk Creek Park, a public park with a play area for your kids as well. The park also has a full basketball court, in case you fancy!

You could also enjoy walks or bike rides to clear your mind on West Papio Trail, which is quite extensive, with multiple access points for easy access. Elk Creek Crossing is also near Flanagan Lake, a 220-acre lake, with a five-mile biking and hiking trail where you can enjoy numerous outdoor activities.


Parents to school-going kids need not fret about where to take their kids to learn. The Elk Creek Crossing neighborhood has close proximity to quality learning institutions. Standing Bear Elementary is within walking distance, and OPS high school is less than a mile away.

Shopping and Culinary Scene

Elk Creek Crossing neighborhood has numerous places to shop, from Walmart, Target, to Kohll’s, all several minutes away. The neighborhood culinary scene also has a lot to offer, with numerous restaurants serving quality food.

You can also experience fine dining and enjoy different cuisines prepared by qualified chefs as you sip a glass of wine or two. There are also food events like Food Truck Fridays, where you can sample different bitings from different vendors as you interact with other community members.


What are the amenities at Elk Creek Crossing?

Elk Creek features a pavilion, a play area, and a full basketball court, all free to the public. You can also bike or walk along the West Patio Trail, which has various entry points connected to the neighborhood.

What are the ECC and City Boundaries for Maintenance?

The City of Omaha is in charge of all public places across Elk Creek Crossing in terms of lawn upkeep and snow removal.

Who is the builder of Elk Creek Crossing?

Benchmark Homes was the initial builder for ECC.

What is HOA?

In the Elk Creek Crossing development, the group that makes and implements rules for the residents is known as the Homeowner’s Association (HOA). Those who buy property within the jurisdiction of the ECC HOA instantly become members and are obligated to pay HOA fees.

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