Barrington Park, Nebraska

Barrington Park is a smaller neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska. One of the major attractions to the area is the 18-hole Barrington Golf Course. The golf course was named after Dr. James Barrington, who donated land to be constructed on. The neighborhood has a population of 2,487 people and has an average household income of $104,852, according to data from 2009-2013.

Barrington Park was established in the early 1920s, and at that time, a bridge located around 22nd St and Redick Ave (which is the border of Barrington Park) was built. Although the neighborhood is somewhat older than most others, it has experienced recent growth. The neighborhood has many different types of houses: brick Tudors, ranch-style homes, and brick Georgian revival houses. These historic homes can be classified as medium-priced with square footages ranging from 1,400 square feet to 4,000+ square feet.

The average age of these homes ranges from 50 to 80 years old. The neighborhood is split into two main areas: West Barrington Park and East Barrington Park. Since its inception, East Barrington has increased its territory by 200+ acres, while West Barrington has increased its territory by 50+ acres. 

The Barrington Park area is famous for its outdoor recreation opportunities. Cornhusker Dog Park, which is located in the heart of the neighborhood and has been operating for nearly 12 years, is a popular attraction for families and people who just like to walk their dogs. The park also offers an open play shelter, a kennel, and a doggie shower. Other great amenities are the basketball courts, tennis courts, and softball fields which all have facilities to promote year-round sports activity. The neighborhood is also home to the Barrington Park Clubhouse, which regularly has scheduled activities such as Bingo and billiards tournaments. The clubhouse can be rented out for weddings and parties.

The University of Nebraska Medical Center, Kiewit Construction, and City of Omaha government offices all have facilities in the Barrington Park neighborhood. The area is also located near downtown Omaha, making for a convenient commute to downtown Omaha, Kiewit, and UNMC.

The area is also located between two major roads, Dodge St. and 72nd St., making it convenient for shopping areas, entertainment venues, and city parks. Other notable establishments in the neighborhood include the Barrington Park Golf Course, established in 1921 and has been creating memories ever since, Hartman’s Tavern, a local favorite established in 1932, offering live music and bowling. The area also has the Sports Page Lounge & Grill, well known for its pie specials on Thursday nights.

Some of the schools in Barrington Park include Barrington Park, Lakewood, and Omaha Central.

The average crime rate in the neighborhood of Barrington Park is one of the lowest in Omaha.

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