Are You Investing In Your Health?

The two excuses I hear as to why people don’t do more for their health is time and money. We value time and money because we believe them to be a component of more important values such as family and work. What people fail to realize is that if you don’t have your health, then nothing else matters.

Lose your health and lose your job.

Lose your health and lose your money.

Lose your health and lose your time with your family.

Lose your health and lose time with your friends.

Lose your health and lose your ability to do activities.

Lose your health and you can’t live up to your God given potential.

If you lose your health, you will do everything in your power to get it back. You will spend outrageous amounts of money and time trying to return your life back to its state before the illness. In America, we spend $8233 per year per person on health care (sickcare). That figure is more than two-and-a-half times more than most developed countries, and it about 17.6 percent of our GDP(1). National Cancer institute lists on its website the average annual cost of care for lung cancer in 2010 was $68,000 and breast cancer was $25,000 (estimates adjusted for patient deductibles and coinsurance expenses)(2).

Most people will do “whatever it takes” to try to get healthy when they are diseased, but most people do very little to “INVEST” in their Health. Waiting to be sick and treating it is like investing in disease. You are either building health or building disease.

The average working American spends:

$2.50-$4.00 on Morning Coffee

$2.00-$3.00 on Breakfast Sandwich

$1.50-$2.00 on 20oz Soda

$6.00 on Fast Food Meal.

TOTAL: $12-$15.00/Day

This is $360-$450 dollars per month, and about $4800 per year that we spend on creating disease.

This is disease investment and it is costing you more than money. It’s costing you in every aspect of your life that you value. Remember, no one comes into our office because of pain or disease. They come in because something in their life is being taken away from them.

Invest in your health and see the RETURN on your INVESTMENT.

  1. Get Adjusted (remove the nerve interference and create your 100% function in your body)
  2. Fuel your body properly
  3. Train your body to be healthy with proper exercise
  4. Remove the Toxicity.

The only thing your body knows how to do is HEAL. Remove the interference to this healing property and you will express 100% LIFE!


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  1. U.S National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, “Cancer Prevelance and Cost of Care Projections.”