Linden Estates, Nebraska

Linden Estates is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in West Dodge, Omaha. The estate, which is located on 144th and Dodge, is also close to West Omaha retail developments, business parks, and other numerous amenities. Additionally, the estate is close to Harvey Oaks, Chalco, and Pacific Park.

An interesting aspect about Linden Estates is that it only contains 120 luxury homes that stand on exquisite landscapes. The smallest property sits on 3,000 square feet of land, with the largest sitting on 23,000 square feet. The estates also boast quiet and peaceful streets with beautiful yards.

Linden Estates was officially annexed in 2008 by the City of Omaha. According to the president of Linden Estates, John Belford, there is a second edition of Linden Estates that is adjacent to the inaugural Linden Estates. However, the two estates are under different independent developers and are managed by different homeowners associations.

Linden Estates stands out from other similar luxurious estates in that its houses are of different styles. For instance, it should not be a surprise to come across traditional homes, contemporary, and Tuscan. It is this type of style that makes Linden Estates a unique and beautiful piece of architecture.

Linden Estates is characterized by homes with side-by-side kids play structures, pristine gardens, and stately courtyards. John Belford believes that this form of diversity separates Linden Estates from other regular estates in the country. Additionally, John attributes the estate’s three decades turnover to its ability to embrace everyone regardless of their diversity. For instance, John observes that many children as young as 2 to 14 have found a haven in Linden Estates. Additionally, thanks to the friendly nature of the estates, most people have preferred to relocate and enjoy their retirement.

Linden Estates is based in the Millard Public Schools district, and as such, children who reside here attend schools such as Millard North High School, Kiewit Middle School, and Ezra Millard Elementary. Catholic learning institutions such as St. Wenceslaus and St. Vincent de Paul are also nearby, thus making the estate an ideal place for anyone with school-going children. The presence of schools and other amenities makes Linden Estates an active neighborhood. For instance, there are pedestrian-friendly roads, parks, plenty of paths, and small reservoirs near the First National Business Park.

The natural beauty of Linden Estates has been made possible by the biological maturation of community trees that have grown over the years. Additionally, the April hailstorms that are common in West Omaha have also contributed to its beauty. This can be attributed to the fact that most homeowners have opted to replace damaged rooftops with sporty roofs, which have given the estate a refreshing appearance. The new rooftops have also complemented Linden Estates’s famous holiday light displays.

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