Lindenwood, Nebraska

Lindenwood is a neighborhood located in West Omaha, the largest city in the Nebraska State of the United States. It has a population of about 384 residents from 97 households, most of whom are homeowners. The weather is generally cold in January and warmer in July.

Lindenwood’s population density is slightly over 6.7 million people per mile, with approximately four people per family and 58% of these families having children. The highest populated age groups are 0-19 years and 35-59 years. Most residents are pretty educated, with 41% having attained bachelor’s degrees and 27% being graduate degree holders. From a recent census, all adult residents have attended some high school.

Most Lindenwood residents are financially stable with decent incomes. 77% of the workforce are in white-collar jobs, and 23% are in blue-collar jobs. The lowest-paid workers earn an average of 20,000-25,000 dollars per month, and the income range goes up to over 500,000 dollars. The most prevalent amount of income ranges are 100,000-125,000 and 250,000-500,000. The least income range is 35,000-45,000 dollars.

Lindenwood residents enjoy a sound housing system, with 40% staying over five years in their residency. The annual residential turnover is 15%, and 89% of the total population are homeowners. The real estate sector in the neighborhood is thriving, with a diverse range of property types to suit their needs. These property types include condos, townhouses, mobile homes, single-family homes, ranches, multi-family houses, apartments, and commercial properties. A lot of lands are also available for sale.

The neighborhood’s residents have access to many public and private educational institutions and catholic schools, ranging from elementary and middle schools to high and adult schools. Some elementary schools are Ezra Millard, Black Elk, Spring Ridge, Manchester, Walnut Hill, and J Sterling Morton Elementary schools. Public middle schools include Harry Andersen and Monroe middle Schools and Millard and Westside Schools, and the Millard Public Schools have a youth Adult Program for adults.

Fun Activities in Lindenwood

Lindenwood is a lively neighborhood packed with fun activities to enjoy with loved ones. The Omaha children’s museum is perfect for kids’ entertainment and education. They get to learn about their culture and history interactively. There is a beautiful blend of magnificent arts and artifacts to showcase the people’s heritage.

Also, the neighborhood has beautiful sandy beaches to offer the perfect relaxation and exotic sceneries. There is a wide range of water sports such as, snorkeling, surfing for the ultimate fun experience, and other sports like golf and bowling. There are malls for all shopping needs and many entertainment centers to have fun at during the night. It is also home to marvelous recreational parks where adults and kids can have fun and bond.

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