OPPD Arboretum

About OPPD Arboretum

OPPD’s Arboretum is a popular attraction for those who seek to enjoy the outdoors around Omaha, NE without having to leave the city. The open-air space is a link between natural and cultural treasures. Between camera clicks or running on the wood-chip trails, there are options to learn while enjoying the outdoor classroom that seats about 30 students. At two acres of native grasses and wildflowers, visitors can see why this area is particularly vibrant in spring and fall with 16 acres of formal planting/turf area including not only plants but also animals like geese foraging for seeds; rabbits peeking out from hibernation burrows; hawk watching hawks.

History of OPPD Arboretum

OPPD Arboretum is a 26-acre site which was created to educate visitors about how plants can be used in order to limit the amount of energy consumers use and which ones are best suited for different areas. There is also signage throughout the site that explains plant varieties, where they should be planted, and when they will become mature. Since opening in 2004, it has proved attractive for educational hikes and group get-togethers. The arboretum is located at 108th and Blondo streets in Omaha, opposite OPPD substation. It’s open to the public from dawn till dusk every day – but there are resources available for visitors of all ages.

What OPPD Arboretum Offers

The arboretum is a resource for understanding safety issues around electrical equipment and how trees/shrubs can help to conserve energy. It is also a place where photographers go and people who want to walk enjoy it. There are two trails out of the arboretum; one is about a half-mile long, while the other is closer to a mile long. The different plant collections can be seen along with signs that teach visitors about what they see in the substation. On top of all this, there are 16 acres worth of formal planting/turf area which creates an amazing backdrop for pictures or just enjoying your free time at the site relaxingly!

While walking around the arboretum, visitors will find plenty of benches and an outdoor classroom. The public can use this area to take a class from Metropolitan or Iowa Western Community Colleges. When it gets hot outside, you’ll especially enjoy the shade offered by a gazebo near the parking lot! This spot is perfect for wedding pictures- they can be taken in one place and there are flowers all over as well!

OPPD is the city’s municipal arboretum and they try to keep it looking nice for all visitors. They encourage everyone to visit and enjoy nature inside the city.

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