Standing Bear Pointe, Nebraska

Expansive and silent in Northwestern Omaha, Standing Bear Pointe is located a short distance from the Fort Streets and the 144th intersection. People pass by the place every day, probably not caring about the houses, community, and stories beyond the grand entrance and the giant green trees, inviting the outside world to this fantastic place. It is possible that many accidentally find themselves in Standing Bear Pointe, looking for the adjacent Hillsborough or Saddlebrook estates. Standing Bear Pointe gives its residents an engaging style and amazing amenities. And on face value, you will note a personable aura and a loving community.

Things to Do In Standing Bear Pointe, Nebraska

The residents of Standing Bear Pointe have easy access to the Standing Bear Lake Recreation area: the playground, the water, the green space, and trees, among many more. The garden at Standing Bear Lake gives a different experience to children of all ages. The park has childhood classics like swings and slides and includes ropes and multiple climbing structures.

The canoe and multiple animal figures invite you and your children to rejuvenate your imaginations. Plus, do not worry about burning those surplus calories: the facility gives many chances to run and climb. Aside from the many fun activities, the scenery at Standing Bear Lake is unmatched.


Standing Bear Pointe has roughly 125 completed homes and more than 480 residents. Statistically, about seventy-four percent of people in this area are homeowners, with an average age of 42 years.

Housing Available

Standing Bear Pointe, Nebraska, houses are built upon sturdy foundations, with bricks mortared with loving hands. The place has homes and not houses. Due to the fantastic design lacing the area, the place is loved by many. First-time home buyers will love the properties due to the sense of community, friendly neighbors, and mature trees standing tall within the neighborhood. The same goes for midsized families. Standing Bear Pointe is certainly a place with a heart due to the simple country homes to complex properties.


Indeed, many superlatives can be attributed to the schools in Standing Bear Pointe, Nebraska. Standing Bear Elementary School, an amazing educational facility, is just a stone’s throw away. On the other hand, Brownell Talbot College Preparatory, Saddlebrook Elementary School, Alfonza Davis Middle School, Alice Buffet Magnet Middle School, and Fullerton Elementary Magnet School are quick drives away.

Shopping and Lifestyle

For daily shopping, Hy-Vee, Walmart, and Target are all close by, Costco is a stone’s throw away, and there are plenty of restaurants alternatives like Blue Sushi. In addition, Village Pointe is close by, with Omaha’s only Apple Store and several restaurants like Kona Grill.

Why Neighbors Love Standing Bear Pointe, Nebraska

According to data collected, the residents of Standing Bear Pointe, Nebraska, love the neighborhood because it is:

  • Neighbors Trail
  • Lake
  • Family Friendly
  • Clean
  • Peaceful
  • Walkability
  • Quiet

The air in Standing Bear Pointe is fresh, almost sweet, as the tempo of living eases to a stable rhythm.

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