Stay Healthy This Sick Season!

The key factor to winning the war on “The Sick Season,”  DOES NOT come from drugs and pills. It comes from being proactive instead of reacting once the symptoms start in.  Now starts the time where we will become more susceptible to illness.  The reasons are simple.  Nutrition takes a back seat this time of year.  More sugar is taken in which kills the immune system.  Less exercise because of the colder temperatures, and don’t forget that the temps lead us to be in more confined spaces.

Here are the 3 ways to best help you and your loved ones fight off seasonal germs:

1) Avoid contact and ingestion of germs as much as possible. Hand washing, cleaning of common areas and wiping off surfaces will help keep those pesky germs away.

2) Maximize your body’s ability to fight invading entities. This comes from proper nutrition and lifestyle habits. By reducing sugar, being active during cold weather (at least 30 min of vigorous exercise at least 4 days a week), getting enough sleep each night, and taking proper supplements like a multivitamin and extra Vit. D, your body will be less susceptible to foreign germs.

3) Chiropractic adjustments provide one of the most powerful resources to improve immunity.  While many may associate chiropractic treatment with those that are suffering from neck or back pain, know that there are more benefits than that! Chiropractic care aides in the overall health of patients and although adjustments of the spine help in relieving the pain of those suffering from back and neck discomfort, these adjustments also aide in our immune system. Our immune system is directly connected to our spine and when it is not aligned, it may through your entire system off track. Thus, resulting in a non-responsive system.  A chiropractic adjustment reduces stress in the nervous system which allows the body to recognize, surround, attack, and eliminate germ influences on your body.  Research shows Chiropractic adjustments increase immunoglobulin which is responsible for fighting off pathogens that cause illness.

If you have a proactive approach including a nutrition plan, exercise, rest, and regular Chiropractic care, you are giving you and your family the best chance at staying healthy!