You Have THIS In Common With A Professional Athlete!

No matter your skill level at any sport or athletic endeavor, you have THIS in common with a PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE.  A recent article by ESPN  highlights the year professional tennis player John Isner is having on the court, coming off his first Grand Slam Semifinals appearance at Wimbledon.  The 33 year old Isner is having a career year, and this article highlights one of the major reasons why.  He is taking care of his body!  How you ask?  A team of people, but one major one is his Chiropractor.  If you are reading this, and have never been to a chiropractor, then you may be asking what you have in common with this person?  Well, it’s simple, because it’s your DESIRE.

We have worked with both professional and Olympic athletes like Ryan Vermeer (PGA Golfer) and  Tervel Dlagnev (Olympic Wrestler), just to name a few (yes, I know I name dropped there, but I want everyone to root for them).  I have noticed one major thing that links us to them.  They desire the same thing any person does.  It is that of PERFORMANCE AND LONGEVITY.  Just like them, we want to perform at a high level for a long period of time in what we NEED to do, and also in what we LOVE to do.  How would an athlete like John Isner be having a career year if he didn’t take care of himself.  Does it make sense to wait for a symptom before trying to do something that will benefit your Health and Wellness.  The best athletes get adjusted way before they ever feel something “breaking down.”  The problem with the general public is that we have been taught to wait and try to fix any ailment/symptom after we get it.  It’s the wait and treat approach.  I’ve never had anyone come into my office and say that they are on 4 medications and have had 2 surgeries, and they are healthier than they have ever been.   Think about it, would you maintain your car to promote performance and longevity.  Then why aren’t you doing that to your body.  If the best in the world do it, then why not you.  Your DESIRE is the same, but your activity may be different.  They may be on TV and getting crowds of people to watch them perform, but you may be doing more important activities.  Why wait and risk losing the ability to play with your kids, grandkids, or even to enjoy life.  There is a reason you aren’t swinging that club like you used to, or unable to focus because you have a headache all day.  Invest in your health with adjustments, and protect your way of life!  It’s that simple.