The Most Efficient Way To Train Your Body

There are many different ways to train your body, and it all depends on your goals. If you want big muscles then you lift heavyweights. If you want to run in a marathon, you train for the marathon by running long distances. If you want to be healthy, the research has shown that the most efficient way to reach this goal is to do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Benefits of HIIT:

  1. Burn Calories In A Short Amount Of Time. (
  2. Helps Lose Fat And Gain Muscle. (
  3. Increases Metabolism After Exercise More Than Weight Training or Cardio. (
  4. Improves Oxygen Consumption In A Shorter Amount Of Time Than Running or Cycling Thus Being More Efficient. (
  5. It Can Reduce Heart Rate and Blood Pressure. (
High Intensity Interval Training
High Intensity Interval Training Example