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About Tranquility Park Nebraska

Tranquility Park is located in Northwest Omaha, Nebraska. The park is bound by Big Papillion Creek on the east, West Maple Road to the south, North 126th Street to the east and the Papio Lake 16 Outlet to the north. This park offers a tremendous variety of activities, from playgrounds for small children to biking trails for older riders. Tennis players will love the Koch Tennis facility at the southern end of the park, and golfers can enjoy Knolls Golf Course just across North 120th Street.

History of Tranquility Park Nebraska

There are 340 acres available for outdoor fun in Tranquility Park. Tennis players will love the Koch Family Outdoor Tennis Center, established in August of 2007. The mountain biking trails in Tranquility Park are rated as number 1 in the state by the riders themselves on This mountain biking trail loops the entire park and breaks away for harder terrain opportunities.

In the southwest corner of Tranquility Park is the Moylan Ice Complex. This facility was opened in November of 1995. The city donated the land and developer Tim Moylan financed the facility for use by the community.

What Tranquility Park Nebraska Offers

Mountain bike trails offer high energy riders the chance to enjoy some jumps and harder trails as well as flat stretches for beginners. Of course, mountains are hard to find in Nebraska, but the addition of berms and logs allow skilled riders to get quite a bit of air on the tougher trails.

This park also offers 3.2 miles of walking or hiking trail. You can add tougher loops to break five miles and to add more elevation to your walk. There are also several playgrounds in the area, and you will want to keep an eye out for mountain bikers on your walk. Leashed dogs are welcome!

Those interested in Mixed Martial Arts will find all the gear they need at the Midwestfighter facility on the western edge of the park. Tennis fans will find plenty of courts both for playing and for viewing at the Koch Tennis Center at the southern end of the park. Finally, if you love to get out and play softball, the Kelley Softball Complex at the north end of the park will give you plenty of chances to both play and watch. If you love the outdoors, you can find a way to get the fresh air and exercise you need at Tranquility Park!

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