Westin Hills, Nebraska

Located in the Northern Great Plains on the western bank of the Missouri River, Westin Hills Omaha, Nebraska, is a city with a thriving, steadily growing economy. More than ten companies in this city are ranked in the Fortune Top 1000. Most may not know that Nebraska is the only state admitted to the Union through a veto override.

Population Demographics

This region has since 2010 experienced an increase in population growth of around 10%, majorly due to a high birthrate which is an evident sign of great economic opportunities allowing the beautiful families here to have more kids as well as immigrants pouring in to seek job opportunities.

The total population is approximately 475,000, with a median age of 46 years and the largest age group being that of teens of the ages 15 to 19 years.


There are loosely 188,000 households and 30% of these have an average of three kids and a vast majority own their homes. According to state figures, most reside in their residences for three years, 40% exceeding the five-year +mark.

The current renting rates are as follows: studio apartment for 560$, one bedroom for 720$, two bedrooms for 900$, based on figures provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).


Based on the U.S. Census Bureau’s Socioeconomic Status, the education climate index which surveys is a short descriptive measure for schools, which takes into account principal leadership, teacher professionalism, achievement press for students to perform academically, and vulnerability to the community is at four which is exceedingly high (highest being 5). Only 5% do not complete their high school education.


65% of the employees work white-collar jobs, while 35% are in the blue-collar sector of the economy. Most households take home on 75K to 100K of income annually, bringing in an average of $61,305, less than the median annual income of $65,712 across the entire United States.

Families love Weston Hill for it is a dog-friendly, family-friendly, clean location that’s safe and walkable. The top neighborhood interests include Dog walking, home improvement and DIY–garden and landscaping.

Westin Hills Shopping & Lifestyle

There are plenty of restaurants to celebrate a special event in Westin Hills. With plenty of shopping places to enjoy, you’ll never be bored with Westin Hills, Nebraska. It has all the things you’d expect from a growing-yet-maintained town.

Must Visit Areas

Eat outs:

  • BREAKFAST & BRUNCH Vidlak’s Brookside Café (1066 15668 W Center Rd, Omaha)
  • BURGER SPOT Stella’s Bar and Grill (1226106 Galvin Rd S, Bellevue)
  • ITALIAN RESTAURANT Lo Sole Mio Ristorante Italiano (1359 3001 S 32nd Ave, Omaha)

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