Cambury Hills, Nebraska

The neighborhood of Cambury Hills, located on the west side of Omaha, is considered to be one of the safest areas in the city. A quiet area around 25 to 30 minutes to downtown, this welcoming residential area is very nice. 

Cambury Hills is a quiet area of middle-age homeowners and renters, the demographic is defiantly middle-aged. With fun things to do including shopping, this area is a prime location. West “O”, as it’s called, is a big area, so make sure to have a car to tour and have fun along the way city-sight-seeing.

Considering a Move to Cambury Hills?

  • Cambury Hills is a community with a population of just over 1500 residents.
  • The residential area, shopping, schools, all of this area of town is lovely.
  • The average age of those living within Cambury Hills is 49.
  • Homeowners in this area make up 75% of the population.

What a nice community considering such a nice chunk of the population are middle-aged homeowners who more than care about their home values and all of their surroundings. Rentable properties dot this community with their own added charm. This is a truly nice location to live. 

The neighborhoods one chooses to live in is an important decision, often based on following up on real reviews, city sites, and other trusted information concerning the location you are choosing to reside.  Moving is never easy and knowing this ahead of time one can plan better.  Anyone choosing this area to live in is making a great choice.

Where to Live in West Omaha

Cambury Hills Apartments is a big part of this community.  When looking for a beautiful area to take off one’s shoes when home to relax or enjoy better than average amenities, then everyone should visit Cambury Hills Apartments for a virtual tour.  Seeing what a nice hometown location with warm, welcoming professional neighbors surrounding.

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