Standing Bear Lake

Insight into Standing Bear Lake

Standing Bear Lake Look is a trail based near Omaha, Nebraska, and it is 4.8 kilometers long. It features trails that are good for different skill levels, and there is also a lake. The trail offers different activity options, and it can be accessed throughout the year. Dogs can also use the trail; however, they should be kept on a leash at all times.

About Standing Bear Lake

The Standing Bear Lake is situated in northwest Omaha, and it has been named after the Chief Standing Bear. The City of Omaha operates the park. The facility is only used during the day, and it offers no-wake boating, bicycling trails, no-wake boating, fishing, and nature study opportunities.

Currently, there is a floating bridge, and it is on the west side of the lake, and it makes a loop that is complete without going over the road. As for accessibility, there are two accessible spaces, and they’re in a paved parking lot, and it is off Park Road at the southwest end of that trail. Each of these accessible places is van-accessible, and there is a stripped access aisle. The trail surface has also been paved, at least five feet wide. The majority of the trails have been estimated to have the most gentle grade category, and there are steep sections that are at least 2.6 miles, and they go clockwise. Trail goers that use mobile equipment or wheelchairs need assistance to maneuver the steeper sections, or they can avoid them for safety purposes. There are also picnic tables and benches where you can rest as you maneuver the trails.

The History of Standing Bear Lake

The park was launched in 1977, and it has different activities, including boating and fishing. There are also picnic areas and trails. The park is known as Dam Site 16 since the lake was initially built because of flood control.

The Chief Standing Bear inspired the name of the park. The chief left his homeland together with his people, leaving for Nebraska. There were no supplies when they arrived in Oklahoma, and many people died. The chief fought for the right to be recognized as human, and his main focus was on basic humanity.

What are the Features of the Lake?

There is a considerable fish variety you can find in the lake, including catfish, walleye, bluegill, bass, drum, crappie, yellow bass, trout, and saugeye. The park also has a flying field meant for remote-controlled airplanes. During winter, you can also try out ice skating. 

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