Stone Ridge Splash Park

If you live near Omaha, Nebraska, or are looking to visit this city, one of the most exciting places that you can visit is Stone Ridge Splash Park. This outdoor area is a great option for families with children and anyone looking to enjoy the nature and outdoor weather of this great city.

About Stone Ridge Splash Park

Stone Ridge Splash Park is located in the greater Elk Creek Park within the city of Omaha. This park offers a variety of different things for all visitors to enjoy. It is open daily from 9 am to 8 pm. The splash area is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but the rest of the park can be used year round.

History of Stone Ridge Splash Park

The City of Omaha Parks created a variety of different spray grounds within the city limits in order to provide a fun place for residents to gather. These spray grounds were created as a cost-effective and low maintenance alternative to pools. This park is maintained by the Omaha Parks Department, just like all other parks in the area. This park is consistently visited by residents and visitors of the area, making it one of the top three parks in all of Omaha. In addition, it is one of the top five parks in all of Nebraska. The Douglas County Historical Society can provide detailed pictures of the creation of this one of a kind park.

What Stone Ridge Splash Park Offers

Stone Ridge Splash Park offers a unique play area for children of all ages. It includes a splash area with water sprinkles, water areas, and splash areas that children can run through and play in. Parents can sit on the benches and watch their children have fun for hours. After cooling off in these water areas, you can enjoy lunch in the covered picnic area, play on the playground or have a catch in the open grass area. If you need to use the bathroom while visiting this innovative park, you will need to use a port a john, since there are no permanent bathrooms located here. This park offers something for visitors and residents of all ages.

Whether you are looking for a day of adventure or simply want to relax in the open air, Stone Ridge Splash Park is a great option. When visiting this park you are sure to have a great time.

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