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Discovering Decompression Therapy

Life Source Chiropractic takes pleasure in offering Decompression Therapy, a treatment regimen that has exhibited excellent success in managing a wide array of health conditions. Whether you’re contending with conditions like ruptured or bulging discs, herniated or degenerative discs, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, or complications from failed back surgery, Decompression Therapy could be your pathway to relief.

Steering clear of the hazards tied to surgical methods, Decompression Therapy does away with the risks of anesthesia, surgical complications, and the chance of failed back surgery. As a result, it delivers a more secure and more natural treatment for our Valley patients.

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Why Choose Decompression Therapy?

Clinical research provides evidence that most appropriate patients experience substantial pain relief following only a few sessions of Decompression Therapy. This non-surgical, scientifically supported approach offers a practical solution to face chronic pain, sciatica, and disc-related issues head-on. 

Additionally, Decompression Therapy is a procedure recognized and covered by a number of insurance companies. Are you prepared to experience the relief you’ve been searching for? Reach out to Life Source Chiropractic today to discover how Decompression Therapy could benefit you.

Conditions That Improve with Cervical and Lumbar Decompression Therapy

A plethora of conditions, including bulging discs, degenerative disc, herniated discs, sciatica, spinal arthritis, failed surgery, spinal stenosis, facet syndrome, radiculopathy, and even headaches, can find relief with Decompression Therapy. Offering the finest chiropractic care in Valley, our chiropractor Dr. Jason Wiese is skilled in treating these conditions.

Understanding How Spinal Decompression Therapy Works

Decompression Therapy operates by mitigating pain, reducing inflammation in the spine, and reviving spinal mobility, all while targeting the core cause of your discomfort. It forms negative pressures within the herniated or bulging disc, facilitating its natural retraction. This process lessens disc pressure on spinal nerves, thereby diminishing your pain.

Additionally, the reduction of disc pressure reinstates the natural movement of surrounding fluids, nutrients, and oxygen into the disc, thus promoting disc health. The disc wall can now repair its own tears, and the reintroduction of nutrients can counter disc degeneration and restore disc height, relieving pressure on inflamed spinal joints. 

What Is the Recommended Treatment Schedule?

Many patients report Decompression Therapy treatments as being comforting and even relaxing. To maximize results, we typically propose a course of 20-30 decompression therapy treatments, often three times a week. However, the precise treatment plan will be customized according to your specific needs, as each spine is unique.

Additional treatment approaches, such as Deep Tissue Laser, Muscle Therapy, Stretching and Stability Exercises, Strength and Restoration Therapy, and Moist Heat, coupled with Chiropractic Specific Adjustments, may be implemented to reduce inflammation, expand range of motion, relieve pain, expedite healing, enhance balance, and strengthen the supporting structures.

Proven Effectiveness of Spinal Decompression Therapy

The effectiveness of Spinal Decompression Therapy is well-recorded. A study by Gionis et al. reported that 86% of the 219 patients who completed the therapy experienced immediate relief of symptoms, and 84% remained symptom-free 90 days after treatment. Physical examinations revealed improvements in 92% of patients, with these improvements sustained in 89% of the patients 90 days post-treatment. Decompression Therapy has prevented numerous individuals from undergoing spinal surgery, enabling them to resume their regular active lives.

Our Chiropractor’s Certification in the KDT Decompression Technique™

Our chiropractor, Dr. Jason Wiese, is a certified practitioner of the cutting-edge KDT Decompression Technique™. This comprehensive program, led by experts in spinal decompression, trains doctors around the globe. It covers crucial aspects like patient selection, positioning of patients, treatment duration, force application, and associated procedures. Equipped with this advanced training, Dr. Wiese is able to better meet the needs of our patients in Valley by providing top-of-the-line Spinal Decompression Therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Decompression Therapy

A: Decompression Therapy functions by forming negative pressures within the affected disc, leading it to naturally retract. This process reduces the pressure exerted by the disc on spinal nerves, which in turn eases pain. By reducing pressure in the disc, Decompression Therapy allows for the natural transfer of surrounding fluids, nutrients, and oxygen, which aids in healing and maintaining the health of the disc.

A: The KDT Decompression Technique™ is a leading-edge approach in the field of spinal decompression. Dr. Jason Wiese, our chiropractor, holds a certification in this technique. This method involves specific protocols covering patient selection, patient positioning, the duration of treatment, and the amount of force applied, all with the objective of delivering the most effective treatment.


A: Decompression Therapy is generally a relaxing and comfortable procedure. Its aim is to reduce, not induce, pain and numbness. Most patients at Life Source Chiropractic don’t experience any negative side effects, but individual experiences can vary. If you have any concerns, Dr. Wiese is always available to answer your questions and address your worries.

About Valley, NE

Valley, NE, located within the contours of Douglas County, is a gem in the state that offers an appealing mix of the laid-back rural lifestyle and the conveniences of urban amenities. For those who need an escape from the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities yet want to remain connected to the pulse of modern living, Valley stands out as the perfect option. Its strategic location in Nebraska ensures that people have access to everything they might desire, all within arm’s reach.

Recreational opportunities in Valley are vast and varied. The area boasts a number of parks and green spaces where families and individuals can enjoy outdoor activities, picnics, or just a leisurely walk. For those seeking a more active way to spend their time, there are numerous trails and pathways tailored for cycling, jogging, and hiking. Moreover, with its proximity to water bodies, residents and visitors have the option to indulge in water sports or fishing, making the area a recreational hub.

People often flock to Valley not just for its recreational opportunities but also for its vibrant spirit. As one traverses the streets, there’s a palpable sense of camaraderie and community bonding. Whether it’s the local events, the friendly neighborhood cafes, or the community centers, Valley ensures that everything one might seek in terms of connectivity, engagement, and leisure is well within reach. The way the city has embraced modernity while staying true to its roots is truly commendable, making Valley a must-visit in the state of Nebraska. As Life Source Chiropractic, our heart lies in serving the dynamic and diverse community of Valley.

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